Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Romagnano - Turin

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More than a game, it was a catwalk. The Romagnano is dismissed from the Serie B championship with an internal draw against Torino that interrupts the three consecutive losing streak.

But above all, he greeted with a positive result his helmsman Davide Decaroli, who left the team's leadership after eight seasons. Will continue to be part of the family grenade as a sports director (instead of Mario Emanuelli who will become general manager), but will no longer be the coach: closes his adventure with more than 250 official matches between first and second team, a championship won and a Piedmont Cup. For him, the numbers speak: not so much as victories in the strict sense, but for being able to be part of a group without interruption for such a long period of time. You do not stay eight years in a row in a women's football club if you do not have human qualities beyond the technical ones: Decaroli was first of all a shrewd and attentive manager of dressing, raising his voice when there was need, but always trying to understand the priorities of the girls he trained.
The reasons could not be missing and in fact the Romagnano has played a good game managing to snatch a draw thanks to the network made at the 60 'by Veronese after the advantage gained in Turin at the end of the first by Ponzio. Now for the company there is a long and deserved rest after an exciting season.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Puricelli (35'st Cervellin), Giannetti, Nidasio, Scalcon, Di Piero, Tuberga, Zignone, Cerini, Veronese, Donderi. Available: Brancaglion, Lanza, Saglietti, Antonietti, Femia. All .: Decaroli.

Turin: Liberti, Massarelli, Bonanno, Nicco, Malara, Aghem, Borello (25 'Lombardo), Rinero, Ceppari, Ponzio, Tamburini. Available. Gonnet, Stobbia. All .: Crepaldi.

Referee: Bonacina of Bergamo.
Networks: 40 'Ponzio (T), 15'st Veronese (R).
Notes: ammonite Malara, Giannetti.

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