Tuesday, September 17 2019
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PLAYOFF: Roma Women's Football vs Florentia - it's a challenge for the Serie A!

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Now it's official: Roma Calcio Femminile and CF Florentia will play the first chance of access to Serie A. The dry match, one way and valid for direct promotion in the top flight, will be held on Saturday 19 May at 15.00 in a federal facility Still to be defined.
The Florentia, drawn as second training, will have the opportunity to take the field with the historic rossobianca jersey, worn until today in all the disputed finals, with the exception of the Tuscan Cup final of 22 March 2017, won against Don Bosco Fossone when , drawn as a home team, disputed the meeting with the second blue jersey.

The rossobianche will play everything for everything in just 90 minutes and it is impossible to make a prediction on the progress of the race: "The dry games are always very treacherous" commented the captain of Florentia, Elisabetta Tona. And he adds "There is not a favorite team in these occasions: the emotional aspect will prevail a lot, the team that will manage the emotions and the tension for all the 90 minutes will win!"

The other draw will face the Pro San Bonifacio and the Orobica Calcio Bergamo on the Italian federal field Gino Bozzi of Florence, always Saturday 19 May at 15.00.

The two winning teams at the end of these 90 minutes will be directly promoted in Serie A, while for the two losing teams there will be one last chance: a further play-off against the 9 ° and 10 ° teams placed in Serie A.

CF Florentia
The Florentia is presented in the playoff battle by winner of Group A: 23 wins and 4 draws for rossobianche when missing only the match against Perugia to close a good season.

In the event of a win in the play-off against Roma, Florentia would write another record in the history of Italian women's football: 3 consecutive promotions, from Serie D to Serie A in just 3 years.

Record numbers in the Championship for rossobianche:
116 goals made, for an average of over 4 goal per game, and only 15 suffered, ringing from 10 December 2017 (2 - 2 on the quagmire of Lucca) to 29 April 2018 (0 - 0 against Lavagnese) well 14 consecutive victories. For 15, the defensive door from Ilaria Leoni and Alice Valgimigli remained inviolate and only on three occasions throughout the season - with Torino, Lucchese and Perugia - Florentia suffered more than one goal.
La Florentia, even this season, has proved to be a "goal cooperative": 18 are the red-and-white ones who went on the net during the championship. Among all stand out with 17 goal is active Isotta Nocchi, remained 2 months due to injury, and Evelyn Vicchiarello, who also finalized 5 penalty shootout. To note the season as a protagonist of Elisabetta Tona: the central defender, and captain rossobianco, proved to be impeccable defensive even in an excellent finalizer with assets 10 goal; share 10 networks reached even by Giada Gnisci, always a sign in the most important events of the season; 9 times in goal is Matilde Pompignoli, long in the pits for a double knee problem, that Jenny Hjohlman, arrived only in January, but immediately integrated into the group and the offensive mechanisms of Florentia.
The other rossobianche went into goal: Irene Lotti (7) - Alessandra Nencioni, remained in the pits for 4 months (6) - Giulia Ferrandi, stopped by 10 december due to injury, and Costanza Mascilli, also long absent from the pitch ( 5) - Martina Naldoni, only returned in December after surgery to the crusader and again injured (4) - Anna Baroni, Serena Ceci and Lois Roche, only arrived in January with Hjohlman (3) - Ilaria Bonaiuti and Irene Mazzella (2) - Chiara Abati and Michela Rodella (1), to which are added two autogoal to get to the total number of 116 scored.
Important numbers that, however, alone will not be enough to defeat Roma Calcio Calcio at the playoffs. The rossobianche will have to field everything: legs, head and heart.

The opponent: Roma Calcio Femminile
Roma Calcio Women have won Group D with 4 days in advance and are 10 points away from the second team in the standings, the Lazio Women, when missing only the last match to be played at home, against Roma Decimoquarto fighting for the third position.

The Giallorossi dominated Group D: they are at the top of the ranking from the second day and scored 20 wins on 23 races, 2 draws and only one loss against Chieti, team relegated last year from Serie A and from which all insiders expected something more. The Rome is presented in the playoff clash with the best attack, well 82 networks, and the best defense of the Group, only 12 goals conceded. There are two players to watch out for in the Giallorossi attack: Elena Proietti (22) and Noemi Visentin (20) who together have achieved more than half of the goals of the championships in the Championship. The defense led by the extreme defender Casaroli, class' 93, in the past also in the National Juniores, is a safe: 15 are well finished games without conceding a goal. Right in the heart of the Giallorossi defense, the most expert player in the squad plays: Antonella Morra, who was also teammate of Elisabetta Tona at Torres in the 2011 / 12 season and with whom she won Scudetto and SuperCoppa.

In the other play-off will be held on Saturday 19 May at the Gino Bozzi in Florence the Pro San Bonifacio and the Orobica Calcio Bergamo. A very interesting challenge between two teams and two very young companies that want to show that they have not come to the playoffs by chance.

Orobica Calcio Bergamo
The Orobica Calcio Bergamo won first place in Group B: one day after the end of the Championship, 2 points ahead on Inter, but rests at the last round, and 9 on Milan Ladies, who will have to settle for play in the next National B Series.
The Bergamo Sharks, so they call themselves the orobiche because of the shark in the logo, have won 19 wins so far, drawing a single race and losing 3.
The two bomber Luana and Cristina Merli will be the two main dangers for the defense of the Veneto and with their goals they will try to return to Serie A the Orobica.
v Pro San Bonifacio
Pro San Bonifacio won Group B of Serie B a day early and 5 points ahead of Fortitudo Mozzecane and Castelvecchio Femminile. The Rossonlu Veronese, who have slowed the pace in the last few days with an unexpected defeat and draw, have led the Group C standings since the 9 day and have deserved to play the playoffs with excellent results: 21 wins, 2 defeats and 6 draws in the longest group of Serie B (16 teams for a total of 30 games played each). The speed of Francisca Yeboaa and the experience of Rachele Perobello will be the weapons with which the rossoblu will attempt a historic first promotion in Serie A for the "ProSambo".

The appointment to support Florentia in the match against Roma Calcio Femminile is Saturday 19 May at 15.00 at a federal sports facility yet to be defined: a game that is worth the whole season and that can give a dream!


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