Friday, November 15 2019
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The Riccione of the surprises also beats the Pordenone

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The terrible freshman wins the thirteenth win of the season and rises to 45 points, Riceci & Company unleash a good test in the presence of Pordenone, exciting match in which there were no lack of goals, to pull the local Biancazzoni frog leader and an incontinable Esposito. The Riccione starts well with some sorts of Fratini and Russarollo. The match is unblocked at the 12 ': launch for Fratini, the goalkeeper Ferin gives the advantage back to Schiavo and opens the door for the same striker Riccionese who carries on the ball and deposited in the net with an empty net.

The Pordenone is not there and begins to grind the game, immediately finding the tie with a scrum of corner, at the 15 ° Del Stabile is to deposit in the network. Riccione in difficulty, took advantage of the 20 'Pordenone that doubles with a blow from outside of Ferin C. who hits the pole first right by beating for the second time Generali. At the 35 'Riccione sbanda and is pardoned by Paoletti who hits the pole with the right to face with Generali. First difficult time against a good team, but in the second half we change gear.

First few minutes still difficult for Riccione with Cimarosti trying to triple, but Generali responds with a couple of powerful interventions, at the 67 'Albani just took over the punishment from the 35 meters amazing but Ferin that takes the ball from seven. The breakthrough comes to the 69 'when Riceci just entered the "trivela" bowl a ball in the middle for Esposito who beats an innocent Ferin by the left. The Riccione on the wings of enthusiasm is at the 71 'the winning goal always with Esposito, melee in the area with Russarollo accompanying for Esposito that the flight deposited in the goal for 3 2. Pordenone is not there and back forward but Generali is attentive and amazing at 88 'on Del Stabile's header, removing the ball from the low corner.

The words after the race of the technician of the Feminine Riccione Calcio Gianluca Lorenzi: "Show of strength and cynicism on the part of the girls, they have had some more opportunities than us who have not exploited, apart from the two goals, then considering the good interventions by Chiara Generali, together with Sonia Meletti, they really give security between the poles, we definitely pay the heat and we no longer have the brilliance of the first, now a day after the end of the season, and we are there. at the beginning, spending so much energy, in which we were not used to the rhythm and intensity that the series B entails, then we adjusted and, towards the end, we pay these factors.
A bit of luck, greater cynicism, lead us to bring home the result, the opponents can say that they deserved something more, perhaps the draw, but we have scored three times in the five or six occasions.

We are coming out, with the cold side that initially lacked, capitalizing the chances, with 6 / 7 points more conquered compared to the first leg. A good result that gives morale and underlines our improvements and our growth ".

Last round of the Serie B championship series for the Women's Riccione Calcio, Sunday 13 May 15.00 hours within the walls of the Imola.

29 ° day Women Riccione Calcio - Graphic Studio Pordenone: 3-2

Women's Riccione Calcio: Generali C., Sintini (66 'Albani), Rodriguez, Rossi, Della Chiara, Gostoli (85' Sommella), Perone, Marcattili (51 'Cavalcoli G.), Esposito (78' Giardina), Fratini (68 'Riceci), Russarollo. A disp Meletti, Frison. All. Lorenzi.

Graphic Studio Pordenone: Ferin S., Piazza (54 'Desinano), Perin, Tomasi, Paoletti (66 Faggiani), Cimarosti (78' Pugnetti), Schiavo, Ferin c., Dri, Zuliani, Del Stabile. Available From Ronch, Perissinotto, Padovan, Zanetti.

Marking machines: 12 ° Fratini (Fr) 15 ° Of the building (P) 20 ° Ferin c. (P), 69 'and 71' Esposito (Fr).
Ammonite: Slave and Perin.

Dr. Veronica Lisotti
Sports Journalist
389 9899332
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