Friday, January 24 2020
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Vittorio Veneto too strong: Vicenza collapses 4-0 in the last trip

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Last bitter transfer for Vicenza that collapses 4-0 against Vittorio Veneto. Game never questioned and always in favor of the opponents clearly stronger, as evidenced by the 4 ° place in the standings.
Start of nightmare for the Biancorosse that after 15 'are already under 3-0:
unleashes the Ponte di Testa and then unleashes Piai with a double (the first with a great shot from the outside and the second head).

In the second half Vicenza plays a little better and builds some chances, but it is still the Vittorio Veneto to score with Coghetto that transforms the penalty won by Piai.
It was not an easy game and it has been seen since the very first minutes: at the 6 'Piai crosses the center from the right and is very clear Bridge on the far post that backs without too much trouble the ball on the net and 1-0.
At the 10 'other restart of the Vittorio Veneto with Piai that with a great stop to chase with the heel, fly away in the band serves De Martin at the limit; the n.16 then supports Virgili that fits well into the area and kick a sure shot from a few steps but Dalla Via with a nice parade rejects the ball.
The 2-0, however, is only postponed by a few minutes: at the 12 'Piai is focused and from the 20m leaves a great left-handed that inflates the network.
The n.9 proves to be a real thorn in the side and the 15 'repeats itself, signing the personal double: the cross from the left and the back of the pole row leading to the 3-0 Vittorio Veneto.

Vicenza can not find the strength to react and you have to wait for the 39 'to see the first really dangerous action: a free kick from the trocar of Fortuna that kicks a ball apparently harmless but with a poisonous parable that goes down to the second pole and engages Reginato stretches and with his hand deflects in a corner.
Unfortunately we are going to rest on a fair 3-0 against Vicenza, but the merits also go to a very lively Vittorio Veneto.

In the second half the heat is felt more and more and the rhythms consequently are lowered, without however that the show is affected.
The Vicenza returns from the locker room with a gear more than the first 45 'and immediately try to pierce the opponent's goal: Stocchero manages to recover a ball in the area between two defenders, arrives to trailer Roberta Pomi who fired first shot sure to see the reply shot by a nice parade of Reginato and then on the rebel raise the aim too and shoot high from a few steps.

The Vittorio Veneto exploits the restart in speed and 57 'Dalla Via is good to stand up to the last and to divert over the crossbar Coghetto's shot that was able to resist and get rid of Balestro race in coverage.
The n.29 becomes again dangerous to 69 'with a header that would be worth the 4-0, but the referee cancels for offside.
The Vicenza tries to worry the opposing defense with Stocchero receiving on the bottom by Roberta Pomi, discarded Reginato out returning to the center but stretches the ball; the ball comes first to Silvia Pomi and then to Calderaro who tries the shot from outside the box. His conclusion becomes a pass again for Stocchero who hits the post from a tight angle, before the referee cancels the action for offside.

The three Biancorosse are still protagonists at the 73 'when Calderaro still on offensive projection resists two opponents and serves in the Silvia Pomi band; the n.7 crosses a perfect ball for Stocchero who hits the head with a twist but Reginato saves the door with a great save by blocking the ball in a dive at half-height.

The Vittorio Veneto, however, continues to attack and 81 'falls poker:
De Martin recovers the ball, serves between the Piai lines that is landed in the area by Missiaggia; Coghetto introduces himself from the spot and dispels Dalla Via.
Nothing more exciting is happening and the game ends 4-0 in favor of Vittorio Veneto, which proves to be one of the best teams in this league.

The Vicenza pay more the initial blackout that has brought 3 goal in 15 'and fails to close well in the last trip of the season.

Now only one last effort remains: Sunday is the last home against Bologna to try to greet the fans in the best way


Permac Vittorio Veneto - Vicenza Women's Football 4-0
Markers: 5 'Bridge (VV), 12', 15 'Piai (VV), 81' rigor Coghetto (VV)

Reginato (75 'Caon); Virgili, Da Ros (C), Dal Pozzolo, Mantoani; Foltran (68 'Modolo), Tommasella, Stefanello (60' Zanella); De Martin; Piai, Bridge (50 'Coghetto)
Available: Sogaro, Furlan, Tonon,

All. Toffolo Fabio

From the Street; Balestro, Missiaggia (C), Pegoraro; Pomi R. (71 'Lazzari), Rigon, Maddalena (19' Calderaro), Fortuna, Frighetto (35 'Pomi S.); Calandra (46 'Novello), Stocchero
Available: Ferrati

All. Dori Cristian

Referee: Bonci Thomas (Pesaro)

Assistants: Arrighi Leonardo and De Poli Nicola (Conegliano)

Ammonite: Missiaggia (V), Coghetto (VV)

Recovery: 0 '; 2 '

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

Author: draftingEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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