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Another defeat for the Romagnano that, more than ever, has come out beaten also by the Genoese field of Ligorna.

A pity, because the team of Decaroli to complete could also have its say for a placement of center ranking. The last trip of the season ends 2-0 with the Ligurian goals scored by Traverso in the first half and Bettalli in the second half. Next Sunday against Torino will end a positive season that will also confirm the goodbye of Davide Decaroli: after six seasons, the Prato Sesia coach will no longer be able to drive Sesian girls for work reasons.

Ligorna: Parodi, Fallico (46'Zambrano), Fossati, Cella, Napello, Bettalli, Favali, Casciani, Simosis, Campora (83'Trichilo), Traverso (43'Cama). Available: Piccioli, Mazzocchi. All. Lo Bartolo

Romagnano: Marabelli, Giannetti, Lanza (70 'Scalcon), Zignone, Nidasio, Veronese (65' Cervellin), Donderi, Tuberga, Di Piero, Puricelli (80 'Milanaccio), Cerini. Available: Godio, Saglietti. All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Arnone di Empoli.
Networks: 15 'Traverse, 37'st Bettalli.

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