Friday, November 15 2019
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Martani and Peretti give the victory against Imola

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After the victory against San Marino the gialloblù win the three points with Imola, in a more complicated race than expected, and hook the Castelvecchio to 61 points.
The game is full of actions and occasions. It starts immediately with Martani, who in five minutes creates the chaos in the area: pretend right and left shooting that ends just over the intersection and then dribble and pass to Peretti, who sends the pot over the crossbar. At 20 'the first real danger for the goal defended by Olivieri, when Colasuonno leaves a diagonal that comes out of a few centimeters.

At 31 ', on the corner of Gelmetti, head with Carraro, but his shot is stopped by the defender on the goal line. The first half closes on 0-0, despite the two final occasions: at 35 'Gelmetti can not give strength to the ball placed in the middle by Caliari and the goalkeeper blocks in comfortable grip; at the 36 'Martani skips the goalkeeper but kicks at a defender.

The recovery opens with a shiver, as Colasuonno manages to skip Salaorni but fortunately his right ends high. The moment that changes the game arrives at 12 ': Martani obtains the penalty and turns it, signing the lead for the landlords and taking the lead of the scorers' ranking in his group. At the 19 'try the doubling Gelmetti, which fires strong at the corner but the goalkeeper dell'molese is passed and sends a corner. At the 22 'Iraci gets the draw with a nice turn from a tight angle.

The girls of Bragantini, aware of the importance of the three points, are relentlessly attacking to get ahead; at the 29 'Martani tries, but his right comes out of nothing, at the 31' Gelmetti tries to head, but Sassi still saves. To bring the Gialloblù ahead we think Peretti, who at 43 'shoots from outside the area at the intersection and finds a beautiful goal. 2-1 final result.


Fortitudo Mozzecane: Olivieri, Pecchini, Caliari (25 'st Welbeck), Lords (25' st Mele C.), Salaorni, Marconi (34 'St De Vincenzi), Martani, Carraro (38' st Dal Molin), Peretti, Bottigliero (10 'st Rotondo), Gelmetti.

Available: Venturini, Welbeck, Fasoli, Mele C., Dal Molin, De Vincenzi, Rotondo.

Coach: Bragantini.

Imola: Sassi, Manara, Zotti, Lenzi, Baharvand, Ait Bouazza (32 'st Biondi), Finotello, Giovannini, Iraci, Antonellini, Colasuonno.

Available: Turrini, Biondi.

Coach: Mastroiaco.

Referee: Costa (Novara).

Assistants: Vinco, De Grazia (Verona).

Networks: 12 'st Martani (penalty), 22' st Iraci, 43 'st Peretti.

Notes: ammonite Colasuonno and Caliari.
Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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