Friday, November 15 2019
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Good with the Jesina

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The Castelvecchio, back from the beautiful victory last Sunday at home with Pescara is presented in Jesi to continue the journey that will (certainly) to the promotion.
Nice day and field in excellent condition. First minutes of study with game in midfield; 8 'dangerous action for the Castelvecchio, Guidi puts in the middle for Petralia that is anticipated by Battistoni and sends a corner.
10 'launch of Nagni for Pastore this kick from the edge and the ball deflected by Picchio ends in the corner.

Gialloverdi still forward and three minutes later and Rossi descending on the left cross the center for Deidda arriving with a moment of delay.
Try Guidi 18 'minute with a great shot from outside the box, but the ball ends up above the crossbar.
Jesina dangerous at 20 'with a great shot of Piergallini from the edge of the area that ends on the post to the right of Pacini, escaped danger.
A minute later still landlord close to the goal; fast counterattack with a final shot by Porcarelli deflected in the corner by Amaduzzi A.
38 'punishment castelvecchio from three quarters kick Carlini receives Petralia that frees Deidda, the latter kicks weakly from inside the area, para the goalkeeper.
Petralia deep for Rossi a minute later, the tip enters the area and while he is about to kick is anticipated right in front of the goalkeeper.
Still the team from Romagna forward at 41 ', Shepherd from twenty meters leaves a missile that the goalkeeper can parry under the crossbar.
Trema the Castelvecchio at 43 ', a great shot of Piergallini that hits the crossbar to beat Pacini.
It ends the first half on the result of 0-0.

Shooting, the Castelvecchio starts well and at 47 'Rossi enters the area from the left and shoots the ball diagonally that ends out.
Minute 50 'hurts Carlini ankle enters Ugolini.
Misunderstanding at 56 'between Guiducci and Ugolini in the Romagna area, Porcarelli takes the ball and Pacini is good at the exit to reject the lob.
Forcing the Jesina that puts a strain on the defense of Romagna, but holds well.
62 'descent of Beleffi arrives at the edge of the cross area at the center for Pastore and his shot ends just a little.
Yellow-green opportunity to 64 'cross for Rossi from the left of Petralia and the tip a few meters from the goalkeeper can not hit the head.
Yet another action from the left to the minute 66 'with two triangles between Nagni Petralia Deidda, put in Guidi condition to kick from the bottom with the ball deflected in the corner.
Fear for a counterattack of the Marches at 69 ', Fiorella leads into the area to kick the ball that ends in a nothing out on the first post.
Minute 82 'counterattack Romagnolo Beleffi crosses the middle where Guidi from the limit kicks high.
End of the match with counterattacks on one side and on the other the team in the field were not spared; 84 'yet another counterattack for Jesina four against three and Becci kicks out a few meters, still a danger escaped.
89 'personal action of Porcarelli true soul of the Marche team that skips the entire host defense and here Pacini makes almost a miracle going to parry the ball.
It ends a very painful race by the deputy leaders, with the team of the Marches who despite having nothing more to ask the championship has honored the race, trying to bring home all the mail.

Maybe we are, this race said that this is really the good year for the promotion of the girls of Mister Varchetta.
Next Sunday all the former stadium in via Galvani for the penultimate day, the last in the house, where crossing fingers will be promotion.


Referee Mr SPINETTI of Albano Laziale.

Assistants Mr. MOSCOW of Ancona and Mr. FUERTEZ of Macerata.
Ammonites 47 'Deidda (C), 48' Carlini (C), 77 'Bellucci (J), 94' Ugolini (C).
Expelled 92 'Bellucci (J).

Ciccioli, Picchio, Battistoni (77 'Laface), Becci (85' Crocioni), Porcarelli, Scarponi, Bellucci, De Sanctis, Piergallini (75 'Tamburini), Fontana (65' Fiorella), Gallina.
Available Cantori, Gambini, Modesti.
Coach Emanuele IENCINELLA.

Pacini, Amaduzzi A., Guiducci, Nagni, Carlini (49 'Ugolini), Beleffi, Petralia, Deidda (60' Casadei), Guidi, Shepherd (80 'Amaduzzi M.), Rossi.
Comandini, Vicini, Pracucci, Bizzocchi are available.
Coach Flavio VARCHETTA.

Jesi 29 April 2018
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Castelvecchio Women's Football

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