Friday, November 15 2019
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Now it only counts to win!

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At 270 'from the end of the regular season, the championship is inflamed, with the spotlight on the big-match of the "Angelini" between Chieti Calcio Femminile (41) and Roma Calcio Femminile (61): in the first leg, ended with a resounding defeat of the leader who fell into the house (0-3).
To date, Roma are qualified to play-off promotion to access the top series, while the Chieti di mister Di Camillo has slipped to fourth place and must try to get another victory against the Giallorossi Piras; the Abruzzese, from theirs, have more motivations and so, they cancel the twenty points of difference, with a third step to be hooked. Fixed 1.

Next, another match full of ideas, will be the derby between Grifone Gialloverde (39) and Rome Decimoquarto (44) to "Campo Roma": the first leg, the eleven of Gagliardi (3-1), but the team of the Guardia di Finanza, in the last round has imposed the peer (1-1) to the leaders, and defeated at home the Chieti (4-2) just fifteen days ago. For its part, the XIV, has collected nine consecutive useful results, something extraordinary and probably, on the eve, no one would have predicted. Triple 1X2 race, although perhaps, the needle of the scale, could lean a minimum in favor of the landlord, led by trainer Berruti.

How not to mention what will be a highly acclaimed Campania derby: that is between Napoli Femminile (31) and Virtus Partenope (16), scene at "Billy": in the first leg, the blue appeared only in extra-time and on rigor, with the eleven of Marino who got two wins in a row (Salento and Latina Female), while the greens of Esposito are disputing a grand final with three hits in a row, but in a derby, you know, the numbers and the statistics are reset. We propose an internal double chance (1X).

Another repentant derby should be analyzed: the one that will see in front of Apulia Trani (26) and Salento Women Soccer (29): in the first leg, there was perfect parity (1-1) between the two teams, divided by only three points in the ranking general. To date, we favor the landlords who, with a success, would appease the cousins ​​of Salento in the 1 classification.

We proceed with Real Colombo (3) - Lazio (46): is among the most classic of the tail, a match already widely written, with the second in the standings that will go on a picnic to defend the second step of the podium that could be threatened from Rome Decimoquarto: already in the first leg, it ended with a goleada of the aquilotte (8-0). Fixed 2 + Over 3,5.

Last challenge, the one between Nebrodi (7) and Latina (33): it will be a walk for the eleven of Colantuoni, the Sicilian trip, with a penultimate Nebrodi and by now rowing in the boat for some time. Fixed 2 + Over 2,5.

Catania rested.

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
Author: Maurizio StabileEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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