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A Romagnano reduced to injury by the injuries is heavily defeated by the recovery of Lavagna. He deeply influenced the absence of a large part of the backlog that forced Mr. Decaroli to deploy the unprecedented Lomazzi-Femia couple at the center of the defense.

The approach to the grenade is good, but at the first opportunity the Lavagnese passes: Pascotto launches Cafferata on the offside, the whimsical Ligurian crosses a golden ball that Giuffra only has to push into the net of the head. The goal conceded destabilizes Giannetti and companions who risk several times and suffer the 2-0 to 21 ': the Cama bomber is served deep and with you Godio does not fail. Having set the race on ice, the Lavagnese slows down the pace and the Romagnano is seen with two shots from a long distance by Donderi and Cerini. At the 36 'Nietante kicks from afar and the ball, struck by light outside, captures Godio by surprise, the first from the owner in Serie B. A surge of pride of Romagnano that immediately after the shot with a shot from outside the area of ​​Veronese rejected in corner by Ferrari. Shortly before the referee had overflowed on a decomposed intervention of the same goalkeeper from Liguria on Cerini, ready to reiterate in the network a cross from Donderi. Just before the interval Veronese intercepts a loose ball, but fails to give power to the shot. The 45-3 matures precisely at 1 ': a wonderful intuition by Cerini, which is used with the Puricelli tachometer, the exterior advances and shortens distances.
The second half begins with an aggressive Romagnano, but it is still Cafferata's cross to punish the Sesian defense: this time it is Rollero who anticipates Godio on the loose ball by stuffing Genoese poker. At the 6 'is Balbi to invent a fine goal with a nice shot to shoot, while at the 10' Cafferata ends with a precise shot the personal action of Rollero. It is again Puricelli to shake up the companions by launching Cerini that crosses into the area, Veronese collects the ball on the second post, falls back and beats Ferrari. At the 17 'Cama signs the personal double, then the pace drops without further emotion.

Lavagnese: Ferrari, Balbi, Garramone (8'st Gardel), Belloni (24'st Lagomarsino), Greppi, Rollero, Cafferata (37'st Giuliana), Nietante, Cama (28'st Zorzetto), Pascotto, Giuffra. Available: Costantini, Carpi. All .: Morbioni.

Romegnano: Godio (31'st Masto), Giannetti, Pella (31'st Lanza), Femia (22'st Zignone), Nidasio, Veronese, Donderi (36 'st Cervellin), Tuberga (22'st Soncin), Lomazzi, Puricelli, Cerini. Available: Saglietti. All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Bertuzzi of Piacenza.
Networks: 11 'Giuffra (L), 21' Cama (L), 36 'Nientante (L), 45' Puricelli (R), 3'st Rollero (L), 6'st Balbi (R), 10'st Cafferata (L), 13'st Veronese (R), 17'st Cama (L).
Notes: Ammonita Giannetti. Expelled from the 12'st the coach of Romagnano Decaroli for protests.

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