Sunday, 19 January 2020
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An irresistible Flame conquers an unfortunate Como in the second half

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The Como 2000 to cancel the heavy defeat remedied in the last round in Padua, Fiammamonza to confirm after the goleada trimmed to the rear end Caprera.
Mister Gerosa in emergency, which in addition to the absence of Galletti and Stefanazzi, is having to reinvent the training for the bad conditions of Morosi and Maschio, and for the convocation of Catelli in the National Youth.

Guests who present themselves with the classical training and above all with Cambiaghi, fresh ex of the meeting and capocanniere of the cadet tournament.
The two teams immediately start aggressive, creating immediately apprehension to the two defenses.
At the 6 ° minute the first real ring of the match: the corner kick beaten by Badiali is torn apart by the guest goalkeeper on the feet of Talarico who tries a lob that almost surprises Groni.
At the 8 ° immediately host response, Agosti fishing in the Cambiaghi area whose aerial conclusion is printed on the pole to the right of Pini.
At 10 ° Brambilla enters the area but his shot is weak and well saved by Pini.

The Fiammamonza continues to hurt on the left wing and the 11 ° finds the opportunity to take the lead: Agosta in speed skips Nascamani who tries to recover in the slip, but his attempt takes the opponent's legs and the referee does not can do nothing but whistle penalty for the white-red team.
Cambiaghi appears on the spot, but his shot is intuited by Pini who plunges on the feet of the same former blue player who still exalts the reflexes of the Como goalkeeper, keeping the result unchanged.

After the fright, Como 2000 returns to play the game, and to become dangerous from the parts of Groni.
Two corner kicks to the minutes 20 and 23 create havoc in the defense of Monza, but neither the shot from outside Talarico that just flies over the crossbar, nor the head shot of Vigano that ends up slightly, change the result.

The game takes a breath and to see a dangerous action we must get to the 34 ° when Agosti sull'imbucata Cambiaghi downloads a violent left that Pini neutralized in two stages.
At the end of the time the game resumed pace, but both Mammoliti at 43 ° and Cambiaghi at 45 ° from excellent positions do not take advantage of the opportunity and the first half ends on the result of 0-0 with a super Pini that keeps the local team afloat .

The second half begins immediately bad for Como 2000: Cambiaghi is thrown alone towards the door, the usual extreme defender Lariano leaves early but on the next attempt I was guest is Viganò's hand to stop the action. Second penalty kick for Fiammamonza. This time it is Callovini to show up on the disk. Shot that pierces Pini and 1-0 Fiammamonza.
The Como 2000 suffers the blow and his attempts are not as incisive as in the first half and the 14 ° the Fiammamonza takes advantage to double: Cambiaghi takes the ball and from the left corner of the starting a surgical right that slips into the hole d 'angle.

The formation of mister Gerosa tries a timid reaction, but with a masterful counterattack at the 23 ° the Monza team drops the tris: Gaburro from the right fishing in the center Cambiaghi area, left guilty alone by the defense blue, the undisturbed sign the personal double that the 3-0 host is valid
At the 25 ° the first and only blue goal ball of the second half with Badiali that on free-kick tries the goal of the flag but Groni points to the ground.
However, it is still the visiting team that is dangerous at 27 ° with a nice action on the left ended by Belloni, whose shot is deflected for a corner.
The game drags slowly until the end with a Como 2000 that shyly seeks the goal of the flag and a fiammamonza that administers the result, but it ends.
The blue team after a good first half, melts like snow in the sun after the second penalty kick given by the referee who has earned the lead.
Fiammamonza that brings the three points home without overdoing it.

Grass, 22 April 2018
Marking machines: 50 'Callovini, 59', 68 'Cambiaghi

FCF COMO 2000: Pini, Sessa, Nascamani, Maschio, Cascarano, Viganò, Brazzarola, Badiali, Scarpelli, Talarico, Crapanzano (29 ° st Roventi), Mammoliti.
A DISP. Baldo, Male Presutti, Franchetto ..
All. Gerosa

Fiammamonza: Grones, Redolfi (29 ° st Dadati), Callovini, nuzzo, Belloni, Rossini, Cambiaghi (33 ° st Baratti), Locatelli, Brambilla (43 ° st Galbusera), Agosta, Gaburro.
A DISP .. Gerosa, Pezzotta, Castelli, Valente
All. Cantalupo

Arb. Arnone from Empoli Ass. Galigani-Seleroni

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