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More clues do a test. If against the leaders Florentia it was illogical to expect more, the defensive solidity of the Romagnano (usually the real workhorse of the grenade) has been lost in recent weeks in direct clashes that could be worth something more than the current third last place.

Also in Genoa against the Molassana Boero the Romagnano was unable to manage a good advantage: the 3-3 final certainly rewards the Ligurians, below for 3-0 at half an hour and then able to recover already in the first half of the second half in a match that for the Sesians it was a photocopy of the one tied with the same score in the home of Friendship Lagaccio not later than 15 days ago. To be fair, it must be emphasized that the Romagnano had the team decimated for multiple absences and only at the last it recovered the veterans Marabelli and Lomazzi, stoic for attachment to the jersey.
The race was decided in practice by the inactive balls: the three goals of Romagnano, the first two of Donderi (15 'and 18') and the third of Puricelli (33 ') were born from three well-balanced punishments by Di Piero. The Molassana Boero replied instead on the corners: at the 44 'De Blasio gored at the second post and at the 3' of the second half the scrum was resolved by the new entry Calcagno. But after a few seconds from the start of the second half, the Romagnano wasted the chance to close the match with Veronese, who kicked the goalkeeper face to face. At 20 'the definitive Abondi 3-3.

Molassana Boero: Stevanin, Librandi, Pozzo, De Blasio, Deplanu (1'st Cozzani), Fernandez, Ponzanelli, Abondi, Tolomeo (1'st Calcagno), Poletto, Crivelli. Available: Peluffo, De Agostini, Vecciu A., Vecciu G. All .: Berlingheri.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Giannetti, Pella, Di Piero, Nidasio, Veronese, Donderi, Tuberga, Puricelli (42'st Femia), Lomazzi, Cervellin (20'st Lanza). Available: Godio, Soncin. All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Pette di Bologna.
Networks: 15 'Donderi (R), 18' Donderi (R), 33 'Puricelli (R), 44' De Blasio (M), 3'st Calcagno (M), 18'st Abondi (M).
Notes: ammonite Pozzo, Calcagno, Fernandez.

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