Thursday, April 23, 2015
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The weekend of the Femminile Riccione Calcio

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A weekend of heart, so was defined by the President of the Women Riccione Calcio, Claudia Petrosillo, what the biancazzurre have left behind, starting from the excellent enterprise carried out by the Primavera category, engaged on the mantle of Carpineti in the decisive challenge to summit with Sassuolo, victorious for 1 to 0, the words of the riccionese technician Massimo Carbone: "We have played a game at times more than excellent, it was the performance that every coach would like to see, our part we have done fully. We left the field without a shred of energy, trying the impossible, the girls gave everything, the maximum.

The opponent was very strong, we knew it, a great match for them too. We, in the first half, made a mistake only, which then resulted in their goal, after a good first fraction, in the second, I think we were exceptional. We were constantly in their half, with the heart over the obstacle, trying to reopen it in every way, we did not want to leave the field defeated, it was right in my opinion the draw. Sassuolo did not do anything wrong, if he did, we would have been ready to take advantage of it, but it did not happen. We have no regrets, thanks to them who have won by proving to be a step above. At the end of the season we differentiated 6 points resulting from direct matches, with the other opponents we were at their pace, in this match we did not lose they won them.

It was a very nice Primavera championship, with four very strong teams and other teams that still had something to say, with an important tournament level. Arriving in front of clubs emblazoned with a young rose is a source of pride, a great satisfaction in this season, which saw us defeated on only three occasions: one with Sassuolo on the way, this last day the return with Jesina , and a draw in the first league. I thank the staff of the first team and players, who helped us to better prepare for this challenge, all the players who, despite the goal scored in the first half, did not give up even in recovery, fighting until the last second, because they did not want miss this meeting.

So thanks to them that they believed even when the logic gave no more hope for the victory of the championship, an athlete mentality that they have carried forward throughout the season. "A heart that also accompanied the D series and the Riccione Smile Team as Patron Petrosillo points out: "We are really happy, as a sports club, because the girls in every race bring us so much passion, desire to do well, big heart, we are women. The Smile Team Riccione, in the first leg play off with Evergreen, played a great game as well as the series D, which under two networks, with 3 / 4 of the match in ten for a very dubious expulsion, has always run . The girls of the Primavera have been good, the series B has risked to bring home three points in the presence of the third force in the league, so you can only be happy, where the legs did not arrive, the heart came.

The warmest congratulations to the Rimini Football Club for the promotion, a wish to their contact person Claudia Marchi and to the whole company! "Calendar as always rich for the Feminine Riccione that will see Cesari & Company engaged in the last series D championship race in the fort Granamica Sunday, while the futsal is preparing to face the return of the semifinal play off against Evergreen Friday 27 April 21 hours camp "La Valletta" of Igea Marina.

Dott.ssaVeronica Lisotti
Sports Journalist
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