Wednesday, May 27 2020
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Four teams for two places .. salvation

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You return to play, after the last long stop scheduled and start immediately with the analysis of the big-match of the day, the one between Grifone Gialloverde and Chieti in the field "Rome", awarded by the team of the Guardia di Finanza, before to its public: a nice poker that of the Gialloverde team that regulates the Abruzzesi with Clemente, Manca and Massimi's double; for the eleven of Lello Di Camillo, the usual Vukcevic and Giulia Di Camillo (11 ° network) for an 4-2 that gave so many emotions to the end, but above all the fifth place in solitary girls to Berruti, a -3 from third place.

Eighth consecutive useful result for Roma Decimoquarto of the Gagliardi technician who confirms team to transfer also the Sicily, inflicting five nets to the unfortunate Nebrodi to the "Micale" of Capo d'Orlando and matching the Chieti to the third place to 41 points: the markings bring the signatures of Giammarino, Simeone and the double of Grassi. Despite the certain mathematics that says first place and then play-off, the Roma leaders, goes to win even Trani against Apulia by virtue of the networks of Proietti (magistral punishment and 22 ° seal for the top scorer of the turn D) and O 'Neill: there are seventeen points on Lazio second, 78 networks on assets, 8 those on liabilities.

Return to success after five rounds for Napoli Femminile that, by size, beats the Salento Women Soccer with a network to 90 ° De Paula: three points that allow the Neapolitans to overcome Apulia Trani and just the Salento, finishing in seventh place , in the middle of the ranking.

Manita of Latina on Real Colombo in a derby already written on the eve: the eleven of Colantuoni outclasses the bottom with the networks of Spagnoli, Campanelli and the trio of Williams (12 ° network and third place in the scorers ranking shared with Cianci of Lazio), for an 0-5 which means sixth place in solitary.

Finally, valuable success away for the girls of Esposito who takes the field of "Torre del Grifo" with the networks of Galluccio (double) and Tozzi: a trio that allows the bells to match the Scuto Catania to 13 points to the terz last place. Lazio Women has rested.

Maurizio Stabile

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