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The Castelvecchio expulsion Pordenone with the network of Guidi

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Important success away for the Castelvecchio in today's race valid for the 26 ^ day of the national championship of Serie B female C soccer; the team gialloverde with a performance all grit and personality beats the Pordenone for 0-1 thanks to the goal of Guidi 30 '.
24 'excellent ball launched by Beleffi for Rossi who dribbles his opponent kick and Ferin home goalkeeper deflects in the corner.

It also shows the Pordenone one minute later with a corner kick jumps higher than all Tomasi and here is good Pacini that raises the ball above the crossbar.
The Cesenati press and the 28 'action all of the first; Guiducci launches Nagni, who goes off on the wing, crosses the goalkeeper and anticipates Casadei.
The vice-leader takes the lead; Minute 30 'assist of Carlini for Beleffi this makes a cross to the center for Guidi that on the fly puts on the net, all very nice.

38 'Nagni exchanges with Petralia sees and launches Guidi who arrives at the tired limit and is picked up by the freeing Piazza.
Minute 40 'Schiavo launches Dri, this sees and serves Paoletti, who from the edge of the Pacini torpedo blocks the ball.
At the 45 ° the referee decides that the first half can end here, sending everyone to the locker room.
It resumes the second half and is always the Castelvecchio to push towards the door of the home team, as at 47 'when Petralia opens for Guidi that leaves a great shot and takes the crossbar full.

50 'minute opportunity for the landlords to equalize; ball in the Romagna area defense a bit 'undecided on what to do Pacini goes out and empty luck that Del Stabile kicks out.
Almost doubling yellow-green at the 57 'Casadei receives from Deidda sees free at the edge of the Guidi area, the serve and the bomber kicks at the goalkeeper who gives in two stages.
At the 69 'still castelvecchio; Nagni's action makes a throw in the center area, on the ball Rossi but kick weakly and Ferin deflects in the corner.

Friulana's free-kick at the 73 'for Dri's landing on the ball Padovan beats and the ball goes to the side.
The minutes pass and the Romagnola team always maintains greater pressure towards the opponents who do not worry much about the yellow-green door.
Minute 81 'Pastor receives from Nagni, serves Guidi who kicks high on the fly. You play a single door for the many actions yellow-green.
The guests insist and Guidi two minutes later becomes dangerous with a head butt that ends up on a free kick by Carlini.
Minute 91 'in full recovery action in the Romagna area Nagni returns to head and the ball ends on the hand of Casadei the race director decides for the handball and the penalty for the team from Friuli.
Pugnetti goes on the ball and "maybe someone there loves us" kicks high above the crossbar.
The race is over and the heart of the Castelvecchio is clear and sacrosanct.

Networks: 30 'Drive.

Ferin, Piazza, Perin, Tomasi, Paoletti, Padovan, Zanetti, Schiavo (68 'Pugnetti), Ferin C., Dri, Del Stabile.
Available by Ronch, Perisinotto, Cimarosti, Desinano, Faggiani, Zuliani.
Manager Sara DI FILIPPO.

Pacini, Amaduzzi A., Guiducci, Nagni, Carlini, Beleffi (82 'Amaduzzi M.), Petralia (82' Zani), Deidda (64 'Shepherd), Guidi, Casadei, Rossi (70' Ugolini).
Comandini, Vicini available.
Coach Flavio VARCHETTA.

Pordenone 15 April 2018
Press Secretary Castelvecchio Franco Scolozzi

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