Friday, February 28 2020
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Fortitudo blocked on 2 at 2 in Riccione

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The girls of Mr. Bragantini are stopped by those of Lorenzi: Fortitudo does not go beyond the draw with Riccione. The game is immediately good for the Mozzecane, as the 12 'go ahead: Carraro left-footed turn on goal and Gelmetti, taking advantage of the ugly rejected goalkeeper, pushes into the net. In the first half there are two other great occasions for the guests, although neither team really dominates the game; first at 37 ', when Rotondo on Carraro's cross hits the head and is denied the joy of the goal from the crossbar, then to 38', when Peretti in the turn hits the post. The first half ends with the Gialloblù advantage.

The recovery begins in the name of Riccione: at the 2 'Riceci gets the draw on the developments of a corner, with the defense of Fortitudo that fails to remove the balls from the area before the player landlady pushes the ball Network. At 7 'Gelmetti shoots a great shot from outside the area that chips the post. At the 21 'comes the insult for the team of Bragantini, when Russarollo takes advantage of a good restart and pit the blameless Olivieri all'angolino. The Gialloblù push to find at least a draw, but they struggle to create games and real opportunities. The right opportunity comes at the 41 ', when Bonfante takes advantage of a corner kick and pounced on the ball, which surprises the goalkeeper on the near post and is worth the goal of the 2-2. After 5 minutes of recovery Moretti whistles the end of the race.


Riccione: Meletti, Sintini (11 'St Calli), Della Chiara, Gostoli (37' St Frison), Rodriguez, Cavalcoli S., Perone, Riceci (41 'St Sommella), Russarollo (31' St Albani), Marcattili (22 'st Cavalcoli G.), Battelani.

Available: Urbinati, Calli, Albani, Cavalcoli G., Frison, Sommella, Fratini.

Coach: Lorenzi.

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Olivieri, Pecchini (36 'st Bonfante), Welbeck (31' st Mele C.), Lords (29 'st Bottigliero), Caliari, Salaorni, Peretti (14' St Martani), Carraro, Rotondo, Caneo (40 'st Dal Molin), Gelmetti.

Available: Venturini, Fasoli, Bonfante, Mele C., Dal Molin, Bottigliero, Martani.

Coach: Bragantini.

Referee: Moretti (San Benedetto del Tronto).

Assistants: Medri, Pollini (Cesena).

Networks: 12 'pt Gelmetti, 2' st Riceci, 21 'st Russarollo, 41' st Bonfante.

Notes: ammonita Gostoli.

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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