Friday, November 15 2019
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Apulia, the leader does not make discounts: two goals and Roma goes to the municipal

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A masterful penalty by Proietti and a header by O'Neill condemn the tranese
A one-way match at the Comunale di Trani: at the restart after the Easter break, Apulia gives way to the leaders Roma, already mathematically winners of the group B series of women's B series, for two nets at zero. In full emergency injuries, with Sibilano and Cagiano out for injuries and Maknoun and mister Mannatrizio disqualified, Apulia took the field with a defensive 4-5-1, with Sgaramella single point and Borg and Mariano employed on the exterior of midfield.

In the first minutes, the cage in the midfield dell'Apulia seemed to hold up, with Riccio and Volpe very aggressive on the stage of interdiction of the guests and the offensive trio very aggressive on the pressing to the defensive line giallorossa. The turn of the match comes in the first quarter of an hour, when a naive punishment is granted on the edge of the area, on a too aggressive contrast. The Rome, full of good marks, is spoiled for choice: to hit is Proietti, who bag without problems at the low corner of the door defended by Di Bari.

Apulia fails to react and with the advantage gained the Capitoline maneuver acquires security and energy. The median line composed by Lorè and Berarducci does not miss a passage and O'Neill punishes, with different insertions from the outside right. In attack, the tranese leave too much alone Sgaramella, forced to fight against four defenders and often served with high long throws that badly matched with her compact levers. The Giallorossi doubled the lead after a clear goal from Visentin, thwarted by Di Bari. On the cross from the left, O'Neill headed to the far post and bagged.

In the second half, Apulia tries to push more, with Borg moved forward to make the first tip and a more offensive set-up. The Roma tries to hit the high-defensive Biancazzurra high-speed line with quick reductions and only three miraculous actions by Di Bari avoid the collapse. In attack, despite the changes, the Apulia fails to mesh and only at the end Sgaramella can be face to face with Casaroli, which closes however the mirror of the door.

The leader, who remains firmly in command, does not discount, while Apulia sees the leading group move away, for the contemporary victories of Latina, Grifone Gialloverde and Roma Decimoquarto. This will be the next opponent of the tranese, which will be expected from a dangerous trip to the field of the third in the standings.

Marking: Proiects (R) 16 ', O'Neill (R) 41'.

Apulia Trani: Di ​​Bari, De Marinis, Chiapperini, Delvecchio, Spallucci, Volpe (58 'Iorio), Riccio, Uchyama (66' Manzi), Sgaramella, Mariano (76 'Ventura), Borg. Available: Anelli, Di Grazia. Massimo Strippoli

Roma Women's Football: Casaroli, De Angelis (76 'Weithofer), Sclavo, Morra, Cacchioni, Berarducci, O' Neill (55 'Tumbarello), Lorè, Count (59' Pedullà), Proietti, Visentin (71 'Tarantino). Available: Felicella, Capparelli, Vigliucci. Roberto Piras

Admonitions: Visentin (R)

Referee: Niccolò Fucci of Salerno. Assistnti: Filippo Panebarca and Davide Vigliotta of Foggia.

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