Monday, May 11 2015
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Romagnano - Pisa

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With the heart and, as in Saluzzo, in the sign of the fighter Rossella Donderi.

The double of the attacker of the Romagnano stretches in the final minutes Pisa and resolves a game intricate in the face of an opponent who, despite the ranking deficit, if it plays on par with all. Great satisfaction in the home garnet: the sixth win of the season is one of the most beautiful because obtained with the contribution of the girls of the second team because of various injuries. Not enough were the nine absentees of the eve (Brancaglion, Scalcon, Lomazzi, Orgiu, Zignone and Saglietti, in addition to the chronic Lo Russo, Antonietti and El Akri): during the match also Marabelli, Soncin and Franco had to raise the white flag, so that the poles went the very young Simona Godio, 2002 class.
After an initial half-hour of stalemate, at the 32 'Romagnano took the lead with Cerini who with the goalkeeper did not fail closing the action born of a recovery of Veronese and finished by the invitation in depth of Pella. Just the time to put the ball in the center and Pisa immediately comes to a draw with a masterful free-kick from the distance of Sacchi. In the second half the locals make the maximum effort to get back in the lead, but slam against the wall erected by Casarosa, Tuscan striker for the occasion turned into a goalkeeper because of the absence of feverish Romiti. The 1-1 seems written, but Donderi is not there and in the final puts his signature at the bottom of the match: 36 'recovers the ball on the short side of the penalty area, turns and invents a parabola on the second pole that leaves the defense of Pisa amazed. Shortly thereafter, at the 40 ', the same striker grenade goes off on a counterattack and punishes the opponents again. Just at 90 'Pisa shortens the distance with a beautiful conclusion from a distance of Sacchi, but not enough to ruin the day at Romagnano.

Romagnano: Marabelli (1'st Godio), Giannetti, Pella, Di Piero, Soncin (15'st Nidasio), Veronese, Donderi, Tuberga, Cerini, Franco (20'st Lanza), Cervellin (12'st Puricelli). Available: Femia, Butté. All .: Decaroli.

Pisa: Casarosa, Almeida, Sidoni, Vaglini, Sacchi, V. Giusti, Bimbi (35'st Scarpa), Corcos, Orsini, Fornaciari, R. Giusti (20'st Licareti). Available: Ferretti. All .: Bergamo.

Referee: Pileggi of Bergamo.
Networks: 32 'Cerini (R), 34' Sacks (P), 36'st Donderi (R), 40'st Donderi (R), 45'st Sacchi (P).

Female Romagnano Press Office

In the photograph: Rossella Donderi

Enrico Manassero
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