Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Vicenza surprised at 95 ': Castelnuovo wins 3-2 in comeback

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Bad defeat and bad performance of Vicenza in the recovery of the 23 ^ day falls in the 2-3 home right to the last breath against the last Castelnuovo in the standings.
The Biancorosse start well and at 17 'take the lead with a great goal from Rigon, but the joy lasts about ten minutes when a shot from the distance by Tontodonati makes 1-1.
In the second half Calandra leads our girls forward with a header on a corner, but the 77 'Bruno equalized the score with an action equal to that of the momentary 2-1 of Vicenza.

The joke comes to the 95 '(6' recovery) with an unfortunate goal of Pegoraro that impotent is seen carambulating on the cross from the flag of Pasciullo.
Looking for confirmation after the excellent performance against San Marino, Vicenza is strong and at the 3 'tries to take the lead: after a corner, the ball is rejected out for Fortuna that shoots a bell tower that commits immediately Nardulli who must intervene in two stages to avoid the goal.

11 'excellent scheme on a free kick for the Biancorosse with Ferrati that is launched in goal by Fortuna but is anticipated at the last by the goalkeeper.

At the third occasion the advantage finally arrives: at the 17 'ball on the right for Rigon that with the outside jumps an opponent and from the right corner of the area leaves a great left-hander to spin that slips directly under the intersection of the far pole .

The joy of the girls, however, lasts a little and at the first opportunity the Castelnuovo equalized 29 'with a nice shot from 30 meters of Tontodonati that bags the ball under the crossbar.

A few occasions in the first half and despite the game ball being kept more by the Biancorosse, the result is 1-1.

As in the first half, in the second the le starts immediately
Biancorosse: ball to Maddalena just entered and great shot from the distance under the intersection of the poles but deviates with a great dive Nardulli.

From the corner, a new opportunity for Vicenza first with Calandra who can not push into the door between the confusion of legs a few steps from the line and then with Bettinardi that raises a bit 'too much aim and kick over the crossbar.

After a few minutes Ferrati, in an attempt to recover a too long pass, injured his right knee and was forced out of the field.

The anguish and the fear are however momentarily forgotten at the 58 'when the Vicenza is brought forward: corner of Maddalena from the left, perfect cross for the deadlock of Calandra that bags the goal of
2-1 and it is dedicated to Ferrati that follows the game off the field.

The Biancorosse seem to be able to bring home this victory and the 67 'is just the crossbar to deny the goal to Pegoraro who first intention had arrived on the cross millimeter of Calandra from the flag.

The Castelnuovo, however, does not seem to want to give up and taking advantage of a decline in Vicenza tries to hit.

On one of the rare occasions of the Abruzzo comes the goal of the 2-2: the 77 'corner from the left of Pasciullo and cross precise on the far post for the inclusion of Bruno who head into the network.

The opponents are loaded with the passing of the minutes and believe in an (im) possible comeback that seems to vanish on Rigon's attempt from outside the area that unluckily the Biancorosse goes off slightly.

On 6 'recovery, the joke reaches the 95': at the second consecutive corner (the first has risked to get directly into the net but Dalla Via has deviated over the crossbar), Castelnuovo finds the winning goal.

From the flag is presented Pasciullo that crosses, Dalla Via does not come out in the best way and the ball parades on the second pole carambulating on the body of an impotent Pegoraro and stops his run over the goal line for the 2-3.

There is too little time to recover and the game ends like this: big party for Castelnuovo and great disappointment for Vicenza.

The opponents despite the second long trip (after the empty one a few weeks ago) take home heavy, good and lucky to take advantage of the very few occasions against a Vicenza that failed to close the game when he had to.

Tuesday we are back to training again to try to find the team that two weeks ago had taken San Marino and that in both the challenges with Castelnuovo (1 V, 1 S) has failed to prove its true value.


Vicenza Women's Football - Women Soccer Castelnuovo 2-3


From the Street; Pomi R. (C), Balestro, Pegoraro, Frighetto; Ferrati (56 'Lazzari), Fortuna; Pomi S. (46 'Bettinardi), Novello (46' Maddalena), Rigon; Calandra

All. Dori Cristian


Nardulli; Bruno (80 'Perilli), Di Domenico, Cieri, Racciatti; Tontodonati (C), Pasciullo, Monterubbianesi (50 'D'Ignazio); Speca, Cravero, Romans (46 'Veneziale)

Available: Marcucci, Fiore, Marini, Foglia

All Mucci Francesco

Markers: 17 'Rigon (V), 29' Tontodonati (C), 58 'Calandra (V), 77' Bruno (C), 95 'own goal Pegoraro (V)

Referee: Gasperotti Silvia (Rovereto)

Assistants: Cingerle Massimo and Rosa Enrico (Vicenza)

Ammonite: Calandra (V)

Recovery: 2 '; 6 '

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

Author: draftingEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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