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Great lost opportunity for the female Romagnano that in Genoa suffered the comeback of the Friendship Lagaccio and ripped a 3-3 that knows however of mockery for the unfortunate cross struck at 90 'by Donderi.

The grenades have however given continuity to the positive performance of Perugia, but once again come out with broken bones: this time to get out prematurely was Martina Saglietti (suspected stretching to the ligaments of the shoulder).
Ready and the Romagnano, despite numerous absences, proves to have approached the match better: the 6 'and the 11' are two conclusions from the distance of Zignone and Pella to pierce twice the port of Liguria. But the locals do not exist and at 23 'shorten the distances with Del Francia. When the first half is about to end, the Romagnano strikes with a lethal restart: Pella launches Donderi who backs to Cerini, cold in front of the opposing goalkeeper.
In the second half the Friendship Lagaccio has the good fortune to be able to reopen immediately the dispute at the 5 'with Baghino that on the developments of a corner bag at the height of the second pole. The pressure of the Genoese is becoming more and more insistent and at 33 'arrives the splendid draw of Pesce that ends with a flying Marabelli. In the final, however, the Romagnano goes close to the stroke: punishment of Zignone and Donderi's great header that beats on the crossbar and bounces on the line throttling in the throat the cry of joy at the Sesiane.

Lagaccio Friendship: Piazzi, Pittavino, Armitano, Minopoli, Brucci (23'st Del Verme), Licco (33'st Fossa), Baghino, Ghidetti, Del Francia, Pesce, Toomey (17'st Boggero). Available: Bosso, Accardo, Mastrangelo. All .: Morin.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Giannetti, Pella, Di Piero, Nidasio (33'st Soncin), Veronese, Donderi, Tuberga (24'st Puricelli), Cerini, Saglietti (1'st Franco), Zignone. Available: Godio, Cervellin. All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Grassi di Forlì.
Networks: 6 'Zignone (R), 11' Pella (R), 23 'Of France (A), 45' Cerini (R), 5'st Baghino (A), 32'st Fish (A).
Notes: ammonita Del Verme.

Female Romagnano Press Office

In the photograph: Giannetti, Zignone and Soncin

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