Tuesday, June 02 2020
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Rome at the playoffs, behind you fight for salvation

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Predictions perfectly respected those of the eve. It starts in the fifth, rather you go on the rollercoaster Roma Calcio Feminine that mathematically conquers the record, tearing the Feminine Nebrodi: the Great Beauty built by mister Roberto Piras "trains" in view of the play-off with the penultimate of the class, already under four networks after only 26 '. The super goleada brings the signatures of O'Neill (first mark with the yellowish coat) Lorè, Conte (on the return from injury), the double of Elena Proietti (21 ° seal) and the trio of Noemi Visentin (vice marker at altitude 20).

Despite the stratospheric figures (76 scoring and only 8 to passive), the super-solitary primacy, the Piras technician plays the role of fireman, preaching a lot of calm: "Attention, we have not done anything yet. Go on!"

Lazio Women (43) second and still winning away, in Campania against Virtus Partenope (0-2): sign Casali and an own goal of one of Esposito's girls.

At 41 points, we find the Chieti who is firmly in third place, back from home victory against Trani: a 2-1 fought against an opponent who won five rounds. The two networks are foreign Vukcevic and Antonsdottir, while Volpe, shortens for the Apulian in the final (44's.t.).

At the "Salaria Sport Village", Roma Decimoquarto wins by a measure against Napoli Femminile (1-0), with the match-winner Simeone who gives the fourth solitary placement to the eleven of Gagliardi who has collected seven consecutive useful results (four wins and two draws), a respectable filotto.

Second consecutive success for the Salento Women Soccer of Indino that, within the walls of friends, falls poker against Real Colombo (4-1): morning player of the day, is the captain Serena D'Amico (11 ° seasonal goal, 25 years and already 130 career networks for Lecce doc) that marks three goals, closes the Cazzato games.

Postponed due to strategic problems in Latina-Catania, while the Grifone Gialloverde observed the rest turn.

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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