Friday, November 15 2019
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Rome champion with 4 days in advance, but not enough!

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The nineteenth victory over twenty races arrives. There is little to say about the game with the Nebrodi. The women's Roma wins 8 0 against the Sicilian who, penultimate in the league, could not against the leaders. Congratulations to them that, although outnumbered, they gave everything in the field honoring football.
The Giallorossi goals bring in sequence the signature of Visentin, O'Neill (first marking in the Roman shirt for her), Lorè, Visentin, Proietti, Visentin, Proietti and Conte.
Also today debut in the field in Serie B for a young Giallorossi: Eleonara Serao.

4 days are missing at the end of the season, but with 14 points of advantage on the second the math says that now the Giallorossi have won their championship. Now Rome will be the referee of the fate of others, in fact will have to meet teams fighting for the second and third place very important because they remain valid in the national series B.
The Serie B championship, in fact, is being reformed and from four seasons from next season will return to a single group at 12 teams. All the teams that in this season will classify from the fourth place onwards will fall in interregional.

Now the Giallorossi will honor the championship awaiting the play-offs for the series A. Unfortunately the reform of the championships in progress obliges Rome to this queue, otherwise it would already be promoted in A. Brave girls best attack with 76 scored goals and best defense with only 8 suffered.

Mister Piras, although satisfied, continues to preach humility and work "attention, we have not won anything yet!", He says to those who congratulate him.
Here are his statements after the game with Nebrodi "Today we have achieved a great goal: the certainty of being part of the 24 Italian teams that will participate in the National Championships of A and B. Another certainty is that we will play the playoffs with the other first groups to be able to play our chance for promotion.The championship does not end here, we have 4 tough races that will serve as preparation for these fateful play-offs.

Congratulations to the girls and let me spend a few words for Prof. Pentene 'who with a dark job has physically brought us to this first goal. Naturally, thanks go to the company behind the scenes that allowed this ... in addition to the technical advice of Betty Bavagnoli. Lastly, not least because they are important, to the trainers of the weekly and Sunday porters. I do not forget then who put on some time doing the miracles real players ... Thanks Piera. A thank you then goes to Mom Patrizia and all those who have made sure that this first goal came true. An applause to the wonderful public that has always supported us both at home and away. Go on! "

ROME: Casaroli, Capparelli, Sclavo, Cacchioni, Morra, Lorè, Berarducci, Tumbarello, O'Neill, Proietti, Visentin.
Available Felicella, Tarantino, Vigliucci, Capitta, Serao, Conte, Pedullà. All. Roberto Piras

Photo made available for the use of the property of Roma Femminile, photographer Grazia Menna.

Maria Quintarelli
Resp. Communication Roma Calcio Femminile
Red. Magic Force and
Resp. Red. Sports The Monthly
Press Relator Union Romani Fans
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