Friday, November 15 2019
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Como in party! .. on the lake also falls the leader Orobica

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After the Milanese joys of the last two rounds, another test of fire for the team coached by Mr. Gerosa, the leader Orobica Bergamo.
Como 2000 that lines up with the confirmed 3-5-2 with Stefanazzi and Galletti at the last seasonal date of the imminent departure for Australia.
Orobica that deploys all the most titolarissime, including that Merli that alone this season has scored more goals of all the formation Como.
Fighting match with Como 2000 more aggressive that takes command of operations, so that the best opportunities of the first half are blue.

After a header by Merli on the side of the 3 °, the Como formation creates a sensational opportunity at the 10 °.
Galletti crossed from the right, his cross was knocked down on Catelli's feet, but his shot alone the illusion of the goal, finishing very little to the side.
The Como 2000 continues to have the ball of the game, with the Orobica who timidly tries to be seen by the parties of Pini at 14 ° and 20 °, first with Barcella on a free kick and then with Merli, but both occasions come out without worries.
At 28 ° another great dangerous action for Como 2000 with Galletti that is flying alone towards the opponent's goal, but it stretches the ball of that much that allows the goalkeeper to anticipate it.
At the minute 44, another very occasional for the blue: Galletti crosses from the right, Viganò's header from the left that draws at the center of the catelli, but his acrobatic attempt is neutralized by Lonni.

First time that closes with the team in Bergamo attack, but before Fodri is anticipated in recovery by Stefanazzi and then on the next corner, the header of Milesi ends to the side.
The first time ends like this: a zero to zero that seems to go tight to the Como 2000, which has created three sensational opportunities to be able to unlock the game without succeeding.

The second half begins with a very different attitude for the host training

At 4 ° Merli took advantage of a slip of Stefanazzi to show up in front of Pini, but his lopsided shot ends a lot over the crossbar.
In the first 20 minutes despite no great opportunity, takes the reins of the game and raises the pressure forcing the 2000 Como to hole up in their own half and trying only sporadic action in speed. Like the one that leads to claim a penalty kick to the 11 ° where Galletti jumping his direct opponent is touched just enough to unbalance and end up on the ground in the area, but for the race director seems to be all regular.

The orobica pushes but the lariana team defends itself compact and from the parts of Pini arrive very few dangers!
At 26 °, however, the Como 2000 unlocks the game! Galletti gets a good free kick from the right, which the same blue player takes care of beating. His cross finds Stefanazzi in the middle of the area that marks the Como advantage.

As expected, the goal opens spaces for the formation of Lariana. And at the minute 34 another chance for the Como 2000.
Brazzarola crossed from the right, the rejected ends on the feet of Badiali, posted for Mammoliti that turns well in the area but is anticipated by a direct mark nothing.
But the host formation continues to push the search for a draw so much that it creates two great occasions
Before the 35 ° Merli from a cross from the right dominates two players from Como, but fortunately the ball comes out just above the crossbar. And then at 39 ° where Fodri is forgotten in the area by the defense Como but his volley shot high over the crossbar.

And 'the last danger of the game, and so the Como 2000 brings home another great result, thanks to its two players who just in the week will greet the group for a new personal adventure.

For the blue team now three weeks of rest before starting the journey.

Grass, 25 March 2018
Marking machines: 26 ° st Stefanazzi

FCF COMO 2000: Pini, Nascamani, Maschio, Stefanazzi, Cascarano, Viganò, Morosi, (45 ° pt Brazzarola) Badiali, Catelli, Mammoliti (45 ° st Scarpelli), Galletti
A DISP. Presutti, Scarpelli, Talarico, Fenaroli, Brazzarola, Roventi, Crapanzano.
All. Gerosa

BERGAMO OROBICA: 1 Lonni 2 Milesi 8 Fodri 9 10 Vascotori XMUMX Barcellas 18 Massussi 19 (8 st Poet) 21 Brasi 22 Merli cristina 25 visconti 48 Zamboni
A DISP..5 Milesi 13 Bertazzoli 16 cirillo 20 Foiadelli 26 Madaschi 27 Parsani
All. Marini

Arb. Papal of Turin Ass. Ferretti-Vignolo

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