Monday, January 27 2020
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Apulia, what a misfortune: Chieti wins 2-1 and blinds the third place

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It stops after 5 matches the positive strip of Puglia, who are condemned by the opportunities
Unlucky Sunday for Apulia: the Tranesi see the stoppage of victories interrupted, which lasted five meetings, on the field of Chieti, one of the major forces of the championship. The 2 final score at 1 is the result of a hard-fought game, in which the decision was taken of the pitched football.

The first fraction opens with an incredible opportunity for the Pugliese: on the punishment beaten by the trocar from Chabane, the ball slams on the inside pole, carambola on the goalkeeper and ends dramatically outside. Maknoun is also very active, subject to a suffocating pressing by the opponents, who in a couple of occasions arrives very close to the net. The landlords take advantage of the re-starts very often and Di Bari to drop the gate to avoid the disadvantage.

In the second half, Apulia still devoured a counterattack advantage with Maknoun before suffering the two decisive goals. On a free kick from the left, the ball spioves on the far post where Vukcevic is inexplicably free to kick to the net. The biancazzurre feel the backlash and also lose the driving on the bench: Mr. Mannatrizio is in fact removed for protests. A few minutes later, the Chieti goes back in goal: action-photocopy of the previous one, with a free kick from the left transformed by the deviation into the Antonsddottir area. Also on a placed football, the new entrance Volpe shortens the distances. The final five minutes are a real boarding of the biancazzurre: first Chabane deceives everyone with a powerful conclusion that inflates only the outside of the net, then Maknoun devours the draw after missing the goalkeeper, finally also Sgaramella shoots out the last prayer .

Final result that goes very close to the Pugliese, who also suffer two suspicious occasions in the opposing area: but, unlike the previous round, the referee was not advised to whistle the extreme punishment. Apulia returns home with a good overall and collective performance, with Riccio in great dust and in asphyxiating marking on the thorny Vukcevic, the most feared opponent on the pitch.

The joy of the weekend arrives from Foggia, where the "sisters" of the Apulia Futsal Woman football at 5 reach a resounding "double": after the provincial Coppa Italia, against Gioventù Calcio Foggia they get the victory of the Super Cup too and progress to the next regional phase. Result that promotes Mr. Scarpino, coach of training, and the whole company Apulia.

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