Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Apulia, now or never: against the Chieti you play the championship

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The sensational victory with Griffin has galvanized the team, which now tries to reach the podium
Apulia Trani can no longer hide: after the 5 consecutive victories achieved in the last rounds, the team coached by Mr. Mannatrizio continues to cultivate the dream of reaching the leading group: nine points that separate the Apulian from the four teams at the top of the ranking and, in the next round, beat the Chieti becomes of vital importance to shorten the distances.

The 12 points of separation from the two teams could seem an enormity, but the Abruzzesi boast a race disputed more and already in the first leg they were at a disadvantage against the biancazzurre, but then grab a daring victory in the final part of the race.

The tranese will present themselves at the decisive match at full speed, with the recovery of Volpe and also of Maknoun, a bruised exit from the last game. The bad weather did not slow down the preparation of the important challenge, thanks to the structure covered dell'Apulia Center athletes have managed to train with perseverance and determination.

The only drawback in the process of approaching the meeting, the unexpected and heavy disqualification imposed on the vice-coach Massimo Strippoli, punished with 4 disqualification rounds on charges of having addressed insults, even of a sexist character, to the opponent's bench. Facts that appear new to all those present at the last race and whose comment has been entrusted to the president Alessio Scarcella: "It is not our custom to comment, contest or stigmatize the arbitration decisions, both those favorable and those contrary. The referees are men and women who can make mistakes like all of us. But this time it is not a penalty not given or an unspoken offside, it is serious and infamous accusations against one of our members of the technical sector. The friend Massimo Strippoli was disqualified for allegedly pronounced serious offenses against the opponent's bench. However, apart from our personal knowledge that allows us to affirm the absolute groundlessness of the statements probably contained in the report, what amazes is that the referee and the linesman were far from the incident. As a result, we assume they are based on what is reported by the guest bench. For the series all against one and presumption of guilt without having even heard the interested. Reflection: is it possible for an umpire to report such serious charges in the report only on the reported and without any concrete evidence? If so, in our direct experience, we will wait for 200 disqualification days a week for managers and coaches. Directing a race is not easy, we can make mistakes but we will suggest to the referees to pay attention when it comes to damaging the dignity and professionalism of a person with profiles of responsibility, which transcend the sporting ones and which could have heavy consequences also under the profile criminal".

Continue, also the journey in the cups of Apulia Futsal Trani, which on Sunday 25, at 18, will play the final Superscope ACSI Calcio 5 female with the winning team of the championship, the Gioventù Calcio Foggia. After having conquered the Daunia Acsi Cup, the twins from Foggia will seek access to the successive national phases scheduled for June. The event will also be attended by local authorities, personalities from the history of local football and the boys from some schools of Foggiana football schools that will give life to match-performances.

Finally, youth chapter. Under15: just starting the second round of the championship, in this week the meeting Apuli trani - Fc Bari has been held that saw the hosts win of measure (2-1) on the selection of women from Bari. The first classified of the tournament at the regional level will access the interregional phase and at present the Apulia Trani is placed in second place, behind the Pink Bari.

In this tournament, Apulia has collaborated with the nearby formations of Asd Minerva of Minervino Murge and of the elite soccer school Asso Potenza, with the loans of the athletes D'Angella and Gallo.

The next week, then, will be the smallest players dell'Apulia to be protagonists, with the start of the Under 12 women's "Danone Cup" tournament. A prestigious event, in which women's selections also take part in male professional clubs. In the regional group, besides Apulia Trani and Pink, there is also FC Bari and Foggia. The first grouping will be held in Bari on March 28 and will see the descent into the field again of the athlete Irene Divittorio coming from the Polisportiva 2Ettore Fieramosca "of Barletta. We would like to thank all the football schools that collaborate with Apulia Trani for their full availability.

Sunday 25 March, 15.00 hours, "Angelini" Stadium in Chieti,
Chieti - Apulia Trani. FREE ADMISSION

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