Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Lazio and Rome XIV hope for the magic moment of a Trani awaited in Chieti

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We open the eighth return with the challenge of the "Angelini" between Chieti Calcio Femminile (38) and Apulia Trani (26): the Abruzzesi of Di Camillo, occupy the third step just two lengths from Lazio Women (second), and with a Roma Decimoquarto and a Grifone Gialloverde to heel the neroverdi to 35 points. The Pugliese have put the fifth, ringing a very long row of successes in a row, with the eleven of Mannatrizio that goes to place in seventh place.

Will the chietine, who already won on the way out, break the long positive path of Trani? 1X.

Roma Decimoquarto (35) - Napoli Femminile (25) is another interesting race: Gagliardi's eleven has conquered six consecutive useful results, while the Neapolitans go alternating currents, between highs and lows. In the first leg the XIV was imposed with a scrap net. Also here, we opt for an internal double chance 1X.

Going forward, there is a Latina (31) -Catania (14) that, at least on paper, the balance should tip everything in favor of the girls of Mr. Colantuoni, determined to stay in the wake of the first in the standings, and not it should be too difficult to get the better of an opponent who has scored zero points in the last six outings. Fixed 1.

Roma Calcio Femminile (54) -Nebrodi (7) is among the most classic of the head-tail with the girls of Piras that certainly have the road downhill: in front there is that Nebrodi that can not put the sticks in the wheels to she who travels with the wind in the stern. 1 + Over 3,5 + No Goal.

Salento Women Soccer-Real Colombo will also be a game that will see a final result oriented towards those who play at home, that is, we expect a victory on the velvet for the young Indino technician when they host, the fanalin of the group D. 1 + Over 2,5

We close with Virtus Partenope (7) - Lazio Women (40): even 33 are the points of difference between the coaches of Esposito and the second class of the class, namely the white-celestial Tesse that, certainly, will want to firmly keep the second step of the podium. Fixed 2 + Over 2,5

The Yellowgroverde Griffin rests

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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