Tuesday, June 02 2020
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Rome still stretches on the second

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Naples-Rome 1 to 4. It is now an escape. First in the standings with 54 points to + 14 from the second. 18 races won on 19. Best attack (68 goal) best defense (8 goals conceded).
A trip always very much felt that of Naples for a 'derby of the south' that also retains a special charm in the feminine.
Mister Piras once again has to cope with the emergency, with the unavailable addition of the American Weithofer and then convene several young people.

The chronicle:
The game is immediately downhill for Rome that after just 3 minutes, the first real action of the game, goes ahead with Lorè. Followed by two beautiful parades by the Neapolitan goalkeeper on shots of Visentin and Capparelli. At the 15 'occasion of doubling for Roma with a shot by O'Neill with the goalkeeper beaten, a Napoli defender saves the door. At 21 'Proietti tries to hit the head and just sends a ball from a cross from Cappatelli. At 36 'Lorè is forced to go out, the realization of the goal of the advantage, aching after taking a bad ball. At 37 'Visentin, which as usual in the area creates panic, is landed and the referee whistles the penalty. Proietti is responsible for pulling it off the goalkeeper and signing the doubling. 2 to 0 for Rome. At the 42 'dangerous punishment of Napoli for Cacchioni's foul that is ammmonita. On the big parade developments of the Giallorossi goalkeeper Casaroli. So we go to rest with the Giallorossi double advantage.

In the second fraction of the game Roma immediately takes possession of the field (does not pay the result and not trusting the Naples) and continues to launch forward its attackers and so, on the cross of Visentin, just Tumbarello can not turn the ball towards network. A few minutes pass and still Visentin landed, this time at the edge of the area. Proietti's shot on free-kick was saved by goalkeeper Del Pizzo but he was forced to make a foul in the area on the same Proietti to save the Neapolitan gate. The referee decrees his expulsion and penalty for the Giallorossi. Proietti always goes to the disk and signs the 3 to 0.

Roma slows down the pace a little and allows Napoli to face the area defended by Casaroli. At 71 'foul and penalty for the landlords with De Paula sign the goal of the flag.
In the last minutes of play, the younger ones conquer the limelight. At '80' mister Piras replaces Visentin with Bruni. Debut for her in the first team. At the 84 'Tarantino of a header he scores his first goal in the first team. Great party for her in the field and another three points won by Rome that leads to 54.

The gap from the second increases to + 14 and missing only 5 matches at the end of the season, Roma is just one point to be mathematically sure of the record in the standings.
This is the final comment by mister Piras: "Ready and goal of Lorè, this has allowed us to manage with great personality the race in a trip that we feared for the caliber of the opponents.The Napoli is always a tough team to face! the performance and the debut of the very young of Mr. De Angelis Michela (excellent work) of the 2002 Tarantino Giada who wet his second presence with goals and Bruni Giulia debut in the first team.

photos granted for use are owned by Roma Femminile - Fotografa Grazia Menna

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