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Victory in Vicenza comes under heavy rain

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The first half sees the Gialloblù immediately try to unlock the race but, thanks to the bad condition of the ground, they can not do their usual game. At 5 'Peretti takes a shot - insidious cross and Scarmin smanaccia away from the net. At the 10 'another opportunity for the guests, when Peretti tries to surprise the goalkeeper from outside the area and on the rejected does not reach for a few inches Round, ready to bag. A few minutes after a great exchange between Rotondo and Martani, with the latter that puts in the middle for Peretti, but the 7 gialloblù does not impact the ball.

Within two minutes Peretti has two chances: at the 37 'lob test on the passage of Gelmetti, at the 38' tries to place top, but on both occasions the ball does not enter. The draw situation is unleashed at the 46 ', thanks to Marconi who on the developments of a corner pounced on the ball and pushed it into the net. The first half of the game closes on the 0-1.

The recovery opens immediately with the Martani network: Peretti beats a punishment on which the 9 gialloblù arrives, which in the small area pushes into the goal. Both the guests and the landlords find themselves in difficulty due to a now impassable land. In attack the two main occasions have Gelmetti: at 26 'just sends out a ball placed in the middle by Peretti, the 33' bypasses the goalkeeper but is closed to the last defender before bagging the ball. At the 37 'Vicenza shortens the distance thanks to the goal on a free kick by Ferrati. The Fortitudo keeps calm and resists until 49 ', when the referee Sfirro whistles the end of the game. Final result 1-2 and Mozzecane that wins the three points.


Vicenza: Scarmin, Frighetto (35 'st Lazzari), Calderaro (19' st Balestro), Missiaggia, Pegoraro, Maddalena (35 'st Passuello), Rigon, Ferrati, Calandra, Pomi R., Bettinardi (15' st Pomi S. ).

Available: Dalla Via, Balestro, Pomi S., Passuello, Lazzari.

Coach: Dori.

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Olivieri, Fasoli, Caliari, Lords (24 'st Dal Molin), Salaorni, Marconi, Martani (36' st Boni), Carraro, Rotondo (38 'pt Gelmetti), Caneo (19' st Pecchini), Peretti ( 32 'st Welbeck).

Available: Venturini, Welbeck, Pecchini, Dal Molin, De Vincenzi, Boni, Gelmetti.

Coach: Bragantini.

Referee: Sfirro (Reggio Emilia).

Assistants: Longo, Visentin (Vicenza).

Networks: 46 'pt Marconi, 1' st Martani, 37 'st Ferrati.

Notes: Ammonita Missiaggia at 23 'st.

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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