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Cimatti drags the Titans into the home of Riccione

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One 3-0 pulls the other one. After the clear victory at home on the Unlandland Damen, the San Marino Academy puts another tris that is worth the success on Riccione and the continuation of the run-up to third place. The part of Gaia Mastrovincenzo - author, a week ago, of two of the three total networks - this time Simona Cimatti, who opens the scoring in the first half and then also takes the doubling, before the network of the definitive 3-0 signed by Prenga.
At the start of the race Giorgi has to intervene on Giardina, favored by a rebound; but then the home goalkeeper Meletti has to put his own to prevent the conclusion of Vagnini, diverted in the corner. Meletti that a few minutes later is also called into question by Mastrovincenzo, whose diagonal is blocked by the extreme coastal defender.

Shortly before the half hour of play, Cimatti makes the general rehearsals of the goal with a conclusion that ends his run not far from the poles defended by Meletti. But at 19 biancoazzurra just enough 5 'minutes to adjust the aim: this time his diagonal from the edge of the area leaves no way out to the home goalkeeper.
At the start of recovery Canini looks for the point of 2-0 with a shot on which Meletti is nothing short of amazing. Meletti also called into question Cimatti and Mastrovincenzo, whose conclusions are not unprepared the home defender.

Shortly after the fifteen minutes the much sought-for doubling arrives and bears the signature once again of Simona Cimatti, who, served by Vagnini, turns and concludes in a winning way, with the ball that kisses the inside of the pole before bagging .
At the Titans the double advantage is even tight and then, between the 23 'and the 32', it is the woods that stop the Mastrovincenzo cross-shot and the conclusion of Micciarelli. After the injury of Dulbecco, entered the field in the game in progress and forced to leave it for a strong blow received to the head (for her medical check-ups at the end of the match), Perone tries to reopen the result with a conclusion from the distance blocked by Giorgi.

The biancoazzurre double-ended the victory, in the final, with the network of Prenga, she too started from the bench and good to win the tu per tu with Meletti. Giorgi keeps his door inviolate with a corner deflection on Fratini's header, while Rossi, in an ideal shot position, does not manage the poker shot.

Another sign is the weekend of the Primavera training, which yesterday hosted Jesina. Lucia Grandoni's network was not enough for the young Titans to get points against a formation that occupies the top of the standings, and which imposes itself with an 6-1 written in large part by Piergallini.
It is she, in fact, to open the markings at the 4 ', before the doubling that also brings her signature and that reaches the 13'. The San Marino Academy reacts with an opportunity to Gennari, which Tamburini answers tightly. In the final part of the first fraction Grandoni is the network that temporarily shortens the distances, but Silvestrini re-establishes the double advantage of the guests less than three minutes from the final fraction.
In the second half Jesina immediately made some changes, while the Academy builds a good opportunity with Gennari. But at the 22 'Silvestrini center the personal double that is worth the 4-1 host, a result further inflated by the Casali and the goal - the third pesonal - Piergallini a little more than 10' from the end. In the middle Gennari had another opportunity to mitigate the passive, but even in this case his attempt was not successful.

Serie B women's championship

Meletti; Della Chiara, Rodriguez, Urbinati, Sintini (from 53 'S. Cavalcoli); Perone, G. Cavalcoli (from 67 'Ligi), Gostoli; Fratini, Sommella (from 49 'Esposito), Giardina (from 56' Russarollo (from 78 'Marcattili))
Available: Balducci, Albani,
Coach: Gianluca Lorenzi

Giorgi; Paganelli, Montalti, Venturini, Micciarelli; Mainardi, Canini, Costantini (from 92 'Bianchi); Vagnini (from 63 'Prenga), Cimatti (from 78' Dulbecco (from 85 'Rossi)), Mastrovincenzo
Available: Nicolini, Innocenti, Casali,
Coach: Fabio Baschetti

Referee: Luca Selvatici from Rovigo
Assistants: Francesco Edoardo Barone and Manuele Boldrini of Rimini
Ammonites: Meletti, Esposito
Markers: 34 'and 61' Cimatti, 89 'Prenga

Spring Women's Championship

Naghi; Saraga, Casali, Ruggieri, V. Paolini, Pozzi, Grandoni (from 72 'Giovanetti), Salvatori, Crinelli (from 77' Fantini), Cecchini, Gennari
Coach: Filippo Zaghini

Pettinari; Aquili (from 46 'Coacci), Coccia, Guidobaldi, Verdini (from 65' Laface), Modesti, Pilotti (from 46 'Brescini), Piergallini, Durante, Silvestrini (from 67' Gambini), Tamburini (from 72 'Alessandrini)
Available: Battistoni, N. Paolini
Coach: Alberto Cavoli

Referee: Gianluca Tonti of Rimini
Markers: 4 ', 13' and 80 'Piergallini, 39' Grandoni, 43 'and 67'

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