Tuesday, June 02 2020
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The Florentia also wins away in Romagnano

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The CF Florentia continues the unbeaten streak by winning for 0 - 5 on the Romagnano field. For the rossobianche another convincing race and 3 important points in the standings. In goal also Alessandra Nencioni, returning after a long stop, and Irene Mazzella, at the first center in Serie B.
Serie B - Group A - 24 ° Day
Romagnano - CF Florentia 0 - 5 (0 - 1)

Romagnano: Marabelli (83 'Godio), Giannetti, Pella (79' Lanza), Di Piero, Nidasio, Veronese, Tuberga (79 'Puricella), Orgiu (75' Cervellin), Zignone, Saglietti (68 'Soncin)
All. De Caroli

CF Florentia: Leoni, Bonaiuti (73 'Valgimigli G.), Tona, Baroni, Rodella, Mazzella (75' Pecchia), Lotti, Vicchiarello, Roche (69 'Nencioni), Pompignoli (46' Gnisci), Hjohlman (77 'Mascilli )
All. Lelli

Table: 4 'Hjohlman, 52' Mazzella, 68 'Vicchiarello, 75' Nencioni, 84 'Gnisci

Race Director Mr. Franzoni (Lovere)
First Assistant Mr. Matteotti (Ivrea)
Second Assistant Mr. Hosni (Turin)

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