Saturday, February 22 2020
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Rome - Real Colombo 3 - 1

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It returns to the field after the break for the commitments of the national teams and the women's Roma resumed winning 3 to 1 against the rear light Real Colombo his way to the playoffs for the series A.
The race begins with the minute of silence for the death of Davide Astori. The emotion is palpable with the embraced players who unroll a banner with the image of the player and the words "Hello David". Only a strong wind, a prelude to the violent rain that will soon rage on the Certosa field, disturbs the moving moment.

It starts with the race and midfield mister Piras deploys the new arrival, the Canadian O'neill, which shows in the game to have inserted right away well. Great physical and tactical presence.
In attack, the American Weithofer returns that then proved to be one of the best on the field also scoring a goal.
The Roma tries immediately to impose his game and after 6 minutes becomes dangerous with a free kick kicked by Proietti. The goalkeeper of Real Colombo is saved in the corner. On the twentieth beautiful action of the Giallorossi with Weithofer who crossed an inviting ball to Visentin. The goalkeeper rejects, but there is no one ready to send the ball into the net. In this way, Visentin begins a personal duel with the opponent's extreme defender. Unfortunately, the Capitoline striker will be defeated by the duel because he will not be able to score ... something unusual for her.

At the thirteenth (Astori shirt number, a number that has repeatedly been the protagonist in the strange day of football) the young Vigliucci (2001) with a nice left from a distance to lap leads his team ahead. 1 to 0.
Not even the time to celebrate that comes the draw of Real Colombo with Trani on free kick. Everything to be redone! At 20 'action in the Giallorossi speed with Visentin pulling, but the goalkeeper para. At 22 'Capparelli crossa for Visentin, nothing to do. At the 23 'still Visentin who can not deflect a ball that comes from the right from punishment. At the 25 'penalty for Rome. He instructs Proietti to bag it for 2 in 1.

At 30 'deep ball of Proietti on Visentin that bypasses the goalkeeper with a lob but is printed on the crossbar. At the 44 'serpentine in the Visentin area, shooting and goalkeeper's save.
It goes to rest on 2 1 with the regret for the Rome of having failed so many occasions.
Real Colombo, for its part, has held the field well, but, except in the case of punishment reaffirmed on the net, did not create particular dangers at the door defended by Casaroli. Too much difference in the field between the first and last in the standings.

The second half, in fact, begins with the Giallorossi Tris signed by Weithofer that effectively closes the game. 3 to 1.
The exchange rate starts and Mr. Piras replaces Vigliucci with Sclavo, Lorè with Berarducci, Weithofer with Tumbarello and O'neill with Tarantino (both debut).
The competition continues and the script of the first half is repeated. The pole denies the joy of the network in Tumbarello and the team manages to create many occasions, unfortunately not materialized, under heavy rain. Also entered Capitta for Cacchioni after a long stop due to injury. The stadium applauds as a sign of welcome back.
At 85 'still a shiver. Visentin landed in the area gains the second penalty kick. The companions leave the disk to make it mark because of the many opportunities she created in vain. Unfortunately it is not a day and the ball goes out.

The race ends 3 at 1 and Rome remains first with 51 points (17 victorious on 18 races) to + 12 points on Lazio also winning for 3 at 0 on Salento Women. 6 remain at the end of the season so the Giallorossi will be enough 6 points to make sure you play the finals for the series A.

Here's how the race Mr. Piras comments:
"After 21 days of absence from the field we did a performance where, both in the first and in the second half, we played in the opponent's half field, considering the difference in ranking (first and last), the match could end with a big gap. We ate a lot of goals on goal, hit piles and crossbones, a wrong penalty ... then they scored with a free-kick, but all of us are good, so head to Napoli. "

photo Grazia Menna

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Resp. Communication Roma Calcio Femminile
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Press Relator Union Romani Fans
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