Saturday, February 22 2020
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Riccione falls in Vittorio Veneto. Gianluca Lorenzi: "The result was excessively heavy"

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Tricky match for the Feminine Riccione Calcio that moves to the Veneto region, passive too heavy for the biancazzurra formation that, at times, showed good play. Match played on heavy field and with copious rain fell for the duration of the challenge, Riccione defending well and prevents the shot several times to Ponte and Piai in the start. First guest occasion at the 13 'ball in the center of Fratini, Esposito's side, and turned to the side of Giardina.

Responds Vittorio Veneto with Furlan who crosses from the left, a ball to Piai who shoots very high. In the second half the riccionesi fall in intensity, also because of the rain, and the Vittorio Veneto takes advantage of malice and cunning by earning a punishment at 53 ', Piai and Foltran beats head of the jersey of the defense guilty guilty distracted. At 62 'Rossi controls ball directed towards Meletti on the 25 meters Piai pushes her and with a left to turn deposited to Meletti's right among the protests. At the 86 'Piai on the left, he returns to the center and finds the Eurogol with a left-handed player who rolls over to the far post overtaking Meletti.

The words of the coach Gianluca Lorenzi riccionese at the end of the dispute: "The result was excessively heavy, they have had a few more opportunities than us and have exploited them better, on the occasions they had deserved, but a defeat so clear not We are confronted with a team equipped with good players, with a strong offensive department, they scored two good goals, the second and the third, the first one we gave bad, the first half ended zero , and I can say that we played it openly, then the field has become the limit of practicality that made everything more difficult, both from the physical point of view, both for the way we play. fact that my girls still tried to play ball, thus avoiding continuous long shots, although in some cases there could be, because it was virtually impossible to play on a field like this. we have 4 nets, in this case, at the end of the first half, we were open doors, with opportunities for us too, so steps forward have been made, conviction by all, even those who took over, there is no lack. Nina Ligi midfielder 2002 class midfielder, positive note, together with what was said earlier ".

Calendar rich for the Feminine Riccione: the B series returns to the field Sunday 18 March 16.30 hours "Nicoletti" stage host, San Marino Academy. The D series will be held at Nubilara on Sunday 14.30 hours, Primavera will face San Paolo on Saturday 17 on Saturday while the futsal Women's Riccione Calcio is busy in the important Cup match on Friday 16 March "Valletta" field with Drink Team hours 21.00.


Networks: [53 'Foltran, 62' Piai, 86 'Piai]

PERMAC: Reginato, Virgili, Piai (91 'Sogaro), Foltran, Zanon (70' Coghetto), Dal Pozzolo, Furlan, Da Ros, Tommasella, Stefanello (91 'Zanella), Bridge (65' De Martin). Available Caon, Sovilla, Modolo.
All: Fabio Toffolo

RICCIONE: Meletti, Della Chiara (82 'Balducci), Sintini (77' Albani), Rodriguez, Rossi, Perone, Riceci (58 'Cavalcoli), Ligi (67' Ciavatta), Fratini, Giardina (66 'Sommella), Esposito. Available Calli, Gostoli.
All: Gianluca Lorenzi
Ammonites: Tommasella (VV), Perone (R)
Referee: De Prato di Udine

Dott.ssaVeronica Lisotti
Sports Journalist
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