Monday, March 30 2020
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Castelvecchio sprecona, Bologna is likely to win but in the end it is only a peer

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Castelvecchio is not like that! today in that Bologna was thrown to the wind yet another game.
Too many mistakes at the door, so bad luck, hit two crossbars, two poles, a beautiful network canceled and a penalty not given, the team takes a draw against a friendly team with two shots on goal in the first half, unexpectedly leads 43 'advantage per minute, and at moments he almost touches the big shot.
Synthetic terrain that of Bologna wet from the first to ninetieth minute, with the ball that just touches the ground takes speed.

Ten minutes of study by the two teams and the 12 'was whistled a free kick from the referee (today under the sufficiency of the whole referee) to the Bolognese team beats Marcanti and Montanari safe para.
17 'great launch of Carlini for Nagni that head to Guidi this kick but Bassi is careful and para.
Corner kick by Beleffi at 23 'header from Petralia, to land on the ground.
Two minutes later Castelvecchio cross Pastore for Petralia in the area, kicked the ball deflects the goalkeeper and sends the ball to beat the defender Simone who in turn uncoordinated sends the ball to the post.
30 'landed Petralia at the limit beats the same and sends the ball high on the crossbar.
You play practically at a door. 41 'deputy Capolista takes the lead with a great network of Guidi; goes down on the left wing beleffi cross in the area where, the bomber Guidi is coordinated and half overturned on the fly puts on the net. Here the marker invents an out-of-play that perhaps only sees him.
Continue to attack the team of Savignano, 43 'this time and Petralia who opens for Pastore, this tow in the area kick and Bassi para.
A minute later the unbelievable happens with the second shot towards the door of Romagna, the home team takes the lead; he goes on the right Rigaglia arrives at the bottom crosses the center where he pounces Abouziane and puts on the net.

Incredible team Emiliana took the lead after a first half where the home team was almost non-existent, football is so beautiful. The first half ends.
Shooting immediately forward Castelvecchio with Casadei who recovers the ball enters the area on the exit of the goalkeeper kick, the Extreme deviates and the ball rolls slowly towards the door, as usual no yellow-green girl follows the action and on the line saves Gargan, speechless.
Minute 61 'great action by Nagni; receives the ball out of the area, the first one is taken and the second defender enters the area, the ball is stretched and Pacella frees.
62 'what is wrong Guidi is unbelievable; Nagni assisted in the penalty area for the bomber Guidi who, alone in the penalty area instead of advancing and trying to displace the goalkeeper kicked very weak and para incredulous Bassi.

Bologna almost non-existent if not with actions that reach the maximum in midfield, with the goalkeeper Gialloverde Montanari inoperative.
68 'umpteenth pole; falls on the band Amaduzzi A. exchanges with Beleffi who opens for Casadei mixes in the area with Deidda and takes the pole in full, that jella !!!.
72 'corner kick by Rossi head of Guiducci with the ball that is printed on the crossbar, bad luck!
Minute 79 'receives in the penalty area a wild Rossi, tow the ball is about to kick and is literally invested by Simone, the race director falls asleep not allowing the maximum punishment but giving a simple angle.

Finally the 84 minute draw; exchange Nagni Beleffi great shot of this with a ball that ends even to say on the crossbar the ball bounces in the small area where he pounces Guidi incredibly slips but fortunately behind her arrives Rossi who puts on the net.
Continue to attack the Castelvecchio, without ideas and with wet dust, but today with a lot of misfortune and when we say that football is strange we do not say quirks, because at 92 'on a counterattack Bolognese Montanari yellow-green goalkeeper hypnotizes Rigaglia who launched all alone towards the Porta Romagnola turns the ball into a side foul from the yellow-green extreme.
Ending the race and we have no more words to describe this game, but we are worried about a thought, today we saw the Bomber Guidi often in trouble, on a field not easy and wet where the ball every time he touched the ground was buying speed, well we ask " to ourselves ", but on a field like this it would not have been better to make the Zani, tip fast, at least the last 10 / 15 minutes ???

Ranking: San Bonifacio Verona 55, Castelvecchio 51, Fortitudo Mozzecane 45, Vittorio Veneto 43, San Marino 41, Pordenone 38 ....

Networks: 44 'pt Abouziane (B), 39' st Rossi.

Bassi, La Rocca (49 'Pacella), Simone, Casile, Rigaglia (92' Pallotta), Abouziane, De Vecchis, Arcamone, Minelli, Marcanti (88 'Bolognini), Gargan.
Available to Benassi, Ternelli, Prinzivalli, Zanetti.
Coach Daniela TAVALAZZI.

Montanari, Amaduzzi A., Guiducci, Nagni, Carlini, Beleffi, Pastor, Deidda, Guidi, Casadei (59 'Rossi), Petralia.
At the disposal of Pacini, Comandini, Amaduzzi M., Calia, Pracucci, Zani.
Coach Flavio VARCHETTA.

Bologna 11 March 20128

Press Officer Franco Scolozzi

Author: draftingEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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