Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Under the blows of Orobica and Inter

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The day of group B of the series B opens with the advance between Real Meda and Torres, won by the landlords with a dry 3 to 0.
A victory gained in the recovery that highlights the strength of Brianza and the tenacity of sardines.
While Sunday opened with the ridiculous result of 13 0 that Inter (rightly) inflicted on the Caprera, more and more taillight with 0 points, 6 nets and 93 suffered. Inter that is maintained at less 2 by the winning Orobica leader with the eclectic Padova of bomber Rizzato who managed to restore the parity of the match before succumbing to the excessive power of the Bergamo who have closed the match with a tough 4 1.

The two Lombard Derbys between Milan ladies - Fiammamonza and Azalee - Riozzese are fighting and rich in goals. The Rossoneri surpassed, in the second half, the Fiammamonza for 3 at 1 with Wolleb, Gramomelli and Di Luzio after suffering the opponent disadvantage signed by Nuzzo at 25 '. Milan that sits in third position in the company of Real Meda 34 points with the Fiamma that remains firm in the middle of the standings.
Even the Varese suffer a bitter defeat by the Riozzese that takes the lead, is reached and then leads to two goals the advantage. The network of Seghetto all'82 'for the landlords who are unable to straighten the fate of the races and who are seen to remove the third in the ranking.

He stops on 0 0 the run of the Marcon to the summit due to a superlative test of the Como that returns to the lake with a point won against a team that can not find the right continuity because he has shown he can win with anyone.

30 the day networks of which 5 from the away teams that come only with the victory of the Riozzese.

Three bomber riders at 16 share fighting for the top scorer: Anita Coda (Real Meda), Michela Cambiaghi (Fiammamonza) and Cristina Merli (Orobica).

The next day sees Inter on the road on Lake Como and the two big matches between Fiammamonza - Orobica and Riozzese - Real Meda.

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Lorenzo Testai

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