Friday, November 15 2019
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Apulia does not stop anymore, Nebrodi ko and fourth consecutive victory

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In Capo d'Orlando, second seasonal double for Sgaramella and great collective performance
Continue the wonderful moment of form of Apulia Trani, now in its fourth consecutive victory thanks to Sunday's victory 18 February on the field of Nebrodi, for 3 nets to zero. On the shields, the capital performance of the whole team, with strong offensive individualities to act as finalizers of the beautiful game expressed. The tranese showed up at the municipal stadium "Ciccino Micale" of Capo d'Orlando with the heavy absence of Silvia Cagiano, grappling with a serious knee injury, and with feverish Spallucci and Uchyama.

Mr. Mannatrizio inserts Iorio from the first minute instead of the Japanese, while Volpe takes the place, in the middle of the field, of the injured department colleague.

The start of the match between the two teams, separated by 13 points, is an expression of full equilibrium, with the landlords good to tighten the defensive meshes and the Pugliese able to create a dam difficult to overcome at the height of its own median. The first opportunity happens to Nebrodi: Pizzino, with a filter from the central trocar, forced to the rapid exit of Bari, while Coco fails to hook the ball before the intervention of the goalkeeper. The opportunity suffered wake up the players guests, who rise in blows with the passing of minutes. On the kick placed, at 15 ', Chabane finds Maknoun in the area he realizes but the linesman had already signaled, with moments in advance, the offside position of the French tip. At the 32 ', on the right wing, a new opportunity: quick exchange always on the transalpine axis Chabane-Maknoun, with the first being landed at the end of the line after a skillful dribble. Occasion from VAR, if it were in operation in this series: the referee decides for the corner kick in favor of Apulia. A few minutes later, the advantage comes from the grit of Martina Borg. The Maltese steals the ball in midfield, Volpe launches Sgaramella, who with a perfect lob from the edge of the area unlocks the match. Always Sgaramella comes close to doubling a minute later: always Volpe draws a perfect diagonal for Borg, who enters the area, San Francisco and brush to the bottom for the young Tranny phantom, who slipped on the bottom. At the 38 'the doubling: the usual Volpe towards Maknoun, which with a stop to follow is free of four opponents in the vicinity and achieves with confidence.

At the beginning of the second half, the net of the definitive 3-0: Chabane, just over midfield, brushes on the edge of the area for Maknoun, bank for Sgaramella, who misses two opponents and scores. The final game has little to tell, in addition to a large number of substitutions, for both teams. Apulia often touches the network with Chabane, Di Grazia and Amorese but can not find poker.

Now the Trangian team is expected to stop for a month: in addition to the break in the championship, there will also be the rest to watch at the return. The technical staff will have the necessary time to recover the various ailments and to schedule an intense athletic call. Upon return, there will be a real tour de force: Grifone Gialloverde, Chieti and Rome, all on the top of the standings, will be the definitive proof of the change of pace dell'Apulia. And Spallucci and his companions have no intention of stopping.

Nebrodi: Lavopa, D'Ambra (63 'Abramo), Sanfilippo (73' Cicirello), Pizzino, Cucinotta, Panarello, Graziano (52 'Bonomo), Parafioriti, Florio, Coco, Lombardo. Available: Isgrò. Calogero Balleriano
Apulia Trani: Di ​​Bari, De Marinis (67 'Ventura), Chiapperini, Delvecchio, Spallucci, Chabane, Iorio (52' Uchyama), Fox (61 'Di Grazia), Sgaramella (57' Mariano), Maknoun, Borg (87 ' Amorese). Available: Rings. Francesco Mannatrizio.
Yellow cards: Maknoun (A), Iorio (A), D'Ambra (N).
Tabellino: Sgaramella (A) 35 'and 47', Maknoun (A) 37 '.
Referee: Marco Marchioni of Rieti. Assistants: Salvatore De Pasquale, from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, and Alessandro Pirrera from Enna.

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