Friday, November 15 2019
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The Pro Sambo Leader lengthens and strengthens the leadership

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Thanks to the victory for 2 0 against Bologna and the internal draw of Castelvecchio, the Pro Sambo lengthens in the standings and leads to + 5. The Fortitudo Mozzecane goes up in green areas, and the strong 4 1 trimmed to the Unlandland damen overtakes the rankings in the Vittorio Veneto after the tie in Castelvecchio.
In fifth place, less 4 from the fourth, we find the Pordenone in the company of Jesina, both winning at home against Trento and Imola.

Victory for Riccione on Vicenza and San Marino Academy on the bottom of the Castelnuovo. Shot of the Brixen that espaces the camp of Pescara for 2 to 1.

The day highlighted a determined Pro Sambo and more and more leaders, a Castelvecchio who suffers direct clashes and loses ground even if he remains in the fight for pole position and the good return of the Mozzecane that breathes the air of salvation and a Vittorio Veneto regretted having left 1 point in romagna.
The group is full of struggle and anything can happen.

Now the championships will observe two Sundays of rest for commitments of the National team, the period will be favorable to recover the races and align the races played by all the teams.

The scorers list sees two pro Sambo athletes in command: 19 Francisca Yeobaa with 19 networks followed by Rachele Perobello with 17.

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