Tuesday, June 02 2020
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Inter stops in Monza, smiles the leaders

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Group B opens with the advance between Torres and the Azaleas who conquer the "Vanni Sanna" with two networks signed by De Luca at 30 'and Fransato at 93'. Thanks to this victory, the Varese team is alone in the 5 ° position of the ranking at -4 by third parties.
With the Orobica at rest, all eyes were on the big match between Fiammamonza and Inter. Both were needed to win and at the end they had to settle for a draw that only served to make the leaders happy.

The neroazzurre remain in second place in the ranking to -2 dall'Orobica but will have to support their turn to rest and in case of victory in Bergamo the passive of Milan would rise to -5. A situation that weighs in-house Interista since the promotion is the only way for the future. Inter who, despite a high-value squad, drew with Milan and Fiamma and suffered a resounding defeat by the Orobica and who saw the promotion dream move away. Wins the bench by Pablo Wergifker ???

The third Real Meda and Milan win instead. The Brianza win the Como, the Rossoneri make full loot in the home of Padua, deserving to have organized a beautiful social initiative in favor of AVIS.

With two goals, they end the games played against the Sardera of Caprera and the Oristano.
The Venetian Marcon trim 6 networks to a Caprera but had managed to recover on the momentary before collapsing; La Riozzese scored well 8 goals to an Oristano always defeated away.

The next day sees the Lombard derby Fiammamonza vs Milan, the leaders host the Padova, Real Meda will have to overcome the obstacle Torres and Inter that in the house will warm up in the sun of Caprera. The other races of equal importance but competitive at the end of the high ranking see the Azaleas engaged with the Riozzese and Marcon with Como.

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Lorenzo Testai

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