Wednesday, May 27 2020
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Castelvecchio, good second half and victory over Brixen

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With a double of Petralia the Castelvecchio liquidates the Brixen Obi in a match, that today, appreciable especially in the second half and continues the run-up to the Capolista San Bonifacio.
Sunny day and spring temperature in Savignano sul Rubicone the field of play is presented in perfect condition in front of a good number of spectators.
The first action is by the visiting team at 2 'with a shot from outside the Stockner area with a ball that ends just outside Pacini's right.
A minute after Casadei's great play for Rossi in the area but the bomber comes with a moment of delay.

14 'Beleffi descends on the extension band for Deidda that returns ball cross the center for Petralia who tries to surprise the goalkeeper with a lob but the ball ends up high.
Gialloverdi ahead at 30 '; exchange Casadei Nagni assist for Pastore who makes a nice shot blocked in the area by Messner with his right arm, Mr. CRAINICH of Conegliano decrees the penalty. On the Petralia ball that he rolls to the right of Kosta.

Trentine forward at 38 'with Santin launch for Messner that is stretched to the limit by Carlini; on the ball Bielak kicks and blocks Pacini.
They push the guests with Laedstaetter to the 40 'falls central and launches Messner that is anticipated exiting from Pacini that of foot returns.
Three minutes later and Carlini, who leans forward and serves Pastore, the midfielder makes a passageway for Petralia that serves Rossi in the area but the tip does not reach a breath.
The first half ends with the Castelvecchio in front of a zero net.

Second half Castelvecchio more enterprising; 49 'goes away Beleffi on the headband overcomes the ball defender in the middle for Casadei hits, blocks the goalkeeper.
Minute 57 'Trentino counterattack; drops on the band Kiem crossa in the middle and Bielak is in front of Pacini who is still good goes out with his feet and returns.
Doubling to the 62 'of the owners; Nagni exchanges with Pastore cross at the center for Petralia, kick and Kosta sends a corner. On the corner kicked by Rossi an immense Petralia hits heel and puts on the net.
The Castelvecchio is unleashed, minute 69 'Amaduzzi M. from the left cross to the center for Deidda who makes a chest stop sees free Nagni the serve kick from before and the ball ends out of a nothing, all very nice.
76 'descends Carlini ball to the foot launches Amaduzzi M. on the left from the edge kick and the ball ends out of very little.
And a continuous attack of the Romagna yellow-and in the end the game becomes even more lively with two shares from the net, first with Nagni's shot that ends to the side and then with Comandini, a shot that does not worry Kosta.

Next Sunday is played again and in Savignano comes the Vittorio Veneto, fifth in the standings of 10 points.

Scorers: 30 'rigor and 62' Petralia.

100 viewers around.

Referee Mr. Umberto CRAINICH of Conegliano Veneto
Assistants Mattia ZANNONI and Mattia MASTER of Cesena

Pacini, Amaduzzi M., Amaduzzi A., Nagni, Carlini (67 'Guiducci), Beleffi (70' Carfagna), Rossi, Deidda (70 'Comandini), Pastor, Casadei (74' Calia), Petralia (74 'Guidi) .
Available Montanari F., Zani.-
Coach VARCHETTA Flavio.

Kosta, Sollmann, Profanter, Kiem, Messner, Ladstaetter, Kerschdorfer, Santin, Stockner, Bielak, Messner.
At disposal Oberhuber, Strichner, Maloku, Brugger.
Manager Marco MARANEH.

Savignano Sul Rubicone 11 February 2018

Castelvecchio Press Officer

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