Tuesday, June 02 2020
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La Florentia conquers Turin with a dry 3 at 0

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The Florentia does not stop and with the victory in Turin continues its run at the top of the standings. Against the grenade the rossobianche win for 0 - 3 thanks to a shotgun by captain Elisabetta Tona and the first Italian network of Jenny Hjohlman. A game dominated and controlled by the Florentia who was able to compensate with a good group performance to the many absences due to injury.
At the starting whistle of the Race Director, Mr. Peletti di Crema, the most reactive are the hosts of Torino who waste a good chance with Schirru after less than two minutes of play.

Just two minutes pass and the Florentia immediately returns to the possession of the ball, creates an opportunity with Hjohlman and Pompignoli who free Vicchiarello in the area, the n.25 rossobianca shoots a safe shot, but Raicu exceeds deflecting into corner. On the developments of the corner, Rodella brushes a perfect cross for Tona that all alone in front of the door hits headache. At the 11 is Pompignoli to devour another goal alone in front of the goalkeeper: the n.9 rossobianca, taken well on the offside line on the launch of Vicchiarello, kicks at Raicu out. A little later Hjohlman is hypnotized by the extreme defender grenade, the Swedish striker is wrong, but you start to see a better agreement with their classmates.

Two dubious situations, at 24 'and 34', do not allow Florentia to unlock the result: first the linesman stops Pompignoli, shot perfectly on the launch of the usual Vicchiarello, for a suspected offside; ten minutes later, the same assistant referee still denies the joy of the goal to Pompignoli, ready to reiterate on the net the rejected short of Raicu on the shot of Gnisci, but still pinched in a dubious offside position. Between the two actions, unfortunately, the curse of injuries breaks down again on the Florentia, this time it is Aliaj who has to leave the field and is afraid of a long stop even for midfielder n. 20 of Florentia.

The game seems bewitched, instead at the 35 'the result is unblocked: Elisabetta Tona goes all over the ball at the foot, exchanges with Vicchiarello who at first offers a return pass with the tachometer, the captain rossobianco left on the fly exceeds Raicu and port deservedly the Florentia. At the end of the first half the Torino is close to a draw on the developments of a corner with Lombardo, but Rodella is a good guard on the near post and foils the opportunity.

In the second half the script is still the same, the Florentia presses and Turin tries to defend itself with all its strength. At the 54 'Pompignoli frees well in the area on the corner of Vicchiarello, but his right on the fly ends up. Not even a minute later, another corner for the rossobianche: Rodella leaves a tense cross on which he pounces Tona who signs the shotgun and proves once again essential for this team in time of need. At the 19 'still Rodella, unleashed on the left, puts a good ball in the middle, Hjohlman kicks well, but his shot is too weak to worry Raicu. The appointment with the first Italian goal, however, is postponed only a few minutes: at 68 'Gnisci needs a good ball to Hjohlman on the run, the Swedish striker controls well, is not intimidated by the arrival of an opponent and the left pot beats Raicu for the 0 - 3. The first goal could also come with Lois Roche's Florentia jersey, but at the 70 'his left-footed shot is too central. Two small chills for Leoni in the second half, but the shots from the distance of the landlords end to the side on both occasions and Mr. Peletti decrees the end of the meeting.

Florentia always firmly in command of Group A of Serie B, thanks to 6 points of advantage sull'Arezzo and 11 on Novese and Lavagnese chasing paired in third place. The Florentia, which was scheduled to play on Wednesday 14 February the midweek round against Juventus Women, will return to the field Sunday 18 February in Luserna. The recovery with the bianconeri is set for the 4 in March at the 15.30 at the Nesi in Tavarnuzze.

The comment by Mister Lelli in the post-race: "We are doing a very important season in terms of results and performance, we must continue to work and never lower the tension. Even against Turin we managed and controlled the ball for all 90 minutes and, as often happens, we lacked the cynicism at the door. I'm happy though, because despite the goal was not found, we continued to set our style of play, without anxiety, and this led us to score 3 nets of fine workmanship. Unfortunately, in terms of injuries we are a bit unlucky at this time, I am afraid that now Aliaj will have to stay still for a while, but we are waiting for medical feedback. We can not even prevent these kinds of problems, they are all more or less fortuitous play fights. I am lucky to train a fantastic group, with a wide and very balanced pink and we are perfectly able to make up for the shortcomings, will serve even more concentration and determination in the field and in training. We will also be stronger than bad luck! "

Serie B - Group A - 20 ° Day
Turin CF - CF Florentia 0 - 3 (0 - 1)

Torino Women's Football: Raicu, Tamburini, Bonanno, Nicco, Malera, Aghem, Borello, Rinero, Schirru, Ponzio, Lombardo
All. Tomasin

CF Florentia: Leoni, Ceci (75 'Mazzella), Valgimigli G., Tona, Rodella, Aliaj (34' Roche), Lotti, Vicchiarello, Gnisci (80 'Naldoni), Pompignoli (58' Bonaiuti), Hjohlman
All. Lelli

Table: 35 'Tona, 55' Tona, 68 'Hjohlman

Race Director Mr. Peletti (Crema)
First Assistant Mr. Frisullo (Turin)
Second Assistant Mr. Babando (Collegno)

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