Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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Under the sign of the Lupa

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The seventeenth day opens with the main event between Roma Calcio Femminile and Lazio Women: a super-derby that has given goals and show to the many present on the stands of the "Centro Sportivo Certosa".
The triple whistle has decreed Roma winning the derby but above all more and more leaders with ten points right on the Lazio Women of second Tesse and cleared with a net 3-0.
The leaders have almost certainty (also by virtue of a clear-cut calendar) to detach all of them in an abysmal manner; the nets carry the signatures of the star Visentin (lob), Conte and Lorè.

In third place, Chieti and Grifone Gialloverde are close to Lazio winning a large extent respectively with Catania and Real Colombo: his practices filed in little, both for the Abruzzese (4-0) to sign with Pica, Gangemi, Vukcevic and Tagliaferri, both for the team of the Guardia di Finanza (4-2) dragged by the usual tip Rossella Tata (triplet) and Rossi, for Real Colombo, scored, Olianes and Novaldi.

In fifth place, Roma decimoquarto splint (0-0 only) against Virtus Partenope: it brakes again (after the other 0-0 with the modest Nebrodi) within the walls of the Gagliardi eleven friends who confirms more team away from home team ; for the Virtus of mister Esposito a precious point that allows the latter to climb to four, leaving the last step to Real Colombo.

In sixth place, there is Latina (third ko in a row) defeated away from Salento Women Soccer: the match-winner always her, or Serena D'Amico, the soul of Indino trainer Lecce.
In seventh place, at 23 points, there is the Napoli Femminile that came out loser in that of Bisceglie by Apulia Trani (2-0): Borg and Maknoun stretch the Neapolitans returning home with a heavy defeat (the first of the management Marino, after the three consecutive wins), finding himself at -8 from third place.

The Nebrodi has rested.

Maurizio Stabile

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Maurizio Stabile
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