Monday, January 27 2020
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Romagnano - Novese

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The B series is this: with its pros and cons. It happens so that on those Sundays where everything turns you wrong, a couple of games of the opponents are enough to punish you beyond your demerits.

It happened on Sunday to Romagnano that, despite the many absences, he would certainly deserve more against a cynical and ruthless Novese. The Alexandrians have won 3-2 and continue to score points despite the controversy between mid-rose and management. But if the 4-3 of the first leg could seem a result too tight for the amount of play expressed, this time the Novese risked a lot and was pardoned by a Romagnano as generous as wasteful.
The race was not very different from the one matched in the first leg with Musiello Saluzzo: with the difference that this time the Romagnano has given some too many reboots to the opponents who have had four chances and have exploited three (in the other was providential l intervention with Marabelli's feet). Three goals come moreover on similar actions, in which the defense of the Romagnano has had the sin to intervene too lightly. In the first half, Accoliti scored twice the team of Decaroli, in the second case immediately after the momentary 1-1 thanks to a non-irresistible shot of Veronese. In the second half the siege of the Romagnano has continued and Cerini has packaged the same as 14 '. It seemed that at any moment the overtaking could come, instead after many imprecise shots and a save on the line, at the 32 'Levis has concretized the assist of Accoliti punishing excessively a Romagnano that this time must essentially recite the mea culpa.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Giannetti, Di Piero (30'st Puricelli), Nidasio, Veronese, Cerini, Tuberga, Lomazzi, Zignone (10'st Orgiu), Scalcon, Saglietti. Available: Brancaglion, Soncin, Cervellin, Lanza. All .: Decaroli.

Novi: Bandini, Franchi, Tasca, Loi, Ponta, Rigolino, Pinazzi, Zecchino, Levis, Mariano, Acolytes. Available: Repetti, Gallo, Di Puglia, Traverso, Marenco, Mavillonio, Bellani. All. Fossati

Referee: Cirio di Savona.
Networks: 12 'Acolytes (N), 30' Veronese (R), 32 'Acolytes (N), 14'st Cerini (R), 32'st Levis (N).

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Enrico Manassero
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