Friday, November 15 2019
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Real Meda expels Como in the final

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After the positive streak made of five consecutive useful results, the Como 2000 is called to confirm against the much more quoted Real Meda, training that today holds the third place in the standings, last useful for salvation.
The Como 2000 is presented with the confirmed 5-3-2 that has done so well in recent releases, Real Meda confirming the eleven that has crashed the Caprera in the last home outing.
The team is very aggressive part of the team, holding the ball of the game and forcing Real Meda to defend themselves, then re-propose with fast reboots that never lead to real dangerous actions.

The first real opportunity is for the guests at the 13 °, with a poisonous free kick from Coda that ends just over the bar at Pini beaten.
The game is very tactical and the two teams think more to not get hurt than to offend. The result is a first part very fought but arid of emotions.
At the 24 ° Badiali tries to awaken the game with a shot from the 20 meters that almost rip off Ripamonti and comes out a little to the side.
Still Badiali at 26 ° tries on a free kick, but the ball goes down to the last and comes out just a little on the crossbar.
At the 34 ° the first maneuvered action of the Meda arrives: the phrasing in midfield puts out two blue players, a passageway for Coda that lets the ball run free of the direct opponent and leaves a shot that fortunately is unprepared Pini.
At 40 ° after a blow suffered previously by Morosi, forces Gerosa at the first forced change, with Sessa taking over from the same blue midfielder.
Thus ended a first half, well fought by the two formations but stingy with opportunities.
The second half starts with the 22 who finished the first fraction and with the same script: the Como 2000 to make the game and a Real Meda that tries with fast reboots, like that of the 5 ° minute where Coda imbuci for Sironi that comes however anticipated by a breath from the defense of Como a few steps from the door. On the next corner kick, the bank of Dubini dangerously crosses the area without anyone but correct on the network, before the defense Como space the area.
The game seems to light up and at the 7 ° Sironi tries to take advantage of an error in setting Como, but concluding weakly, and finding ready the extreme defender Como.
At the 10 ° Brazzarola flies on the right wing, but his cross does not find for a breath the network of Mammoliti.
But it is only a flash of straw and the central phase continues to be stingy with opportunities, although now the changes in front take place at a frenetic pace.
Mister Gerosa with the entry of Roventi and Catelli tries to give a shock. But it is the usual Coda to become dangerous to 30 °, wandering alone towards Pini but kicking precariously balance does not find the door from a good position.
Blaze at 42 ° Real Meda: Cross from the trocar of Rome fishing in the Coda area, his turn calls to the miracle Pini. On the next corner Real Meda passes, with a header Fusi that overhangs its marker with a peremptory deadlift.
The team comasca mocked, with desire and heart, try to push forward to look for a draw, but now there is no more time.
The Como 2000 loses an undeserved game. It comes out with zero points but the awareness that growth is now important and can now play with anyone.

Grass, 11 February 2018
Marker: 42 ° st Fusi

FCF COMO 2000: Pini, Nascamani, Maschio, Stefanazzi, Cascarano, Viganò, Morosi (40 ° pt Sessa), Badiali, Brazzarola (16 ° st Catelli), Mammoliti, Galletti (30 ° st Roventi).
A DISP. Colombo, Sessa, Confalonieri, Talarico, Scarpelli, Crapanzano.
All. Gerosa

REAL MEDA: Ripamonti, Rome, Beretta, Dubini, Vergani, Ragoni, Fusi, Moroni (18 st Molteni), Coda, Arosio (30 ° st Fadiga), Sironi
A DISP. Pizzi, Dalla Pria, Coppola, Lafiosca, Campisi.
All. Zaninello
Arb. Barmasse from Aosta

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