Friday, November 15 2019
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Apulia puts on the third? against Napoli is a crucial race

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Shortening on the seventh place is the goal of the tranesi, who will play the match behind closed doors.
Two consecutive victories have galvanized the central phase of the season for Apulia Trani, which on Sunday 11 February will host, for the fourth day of return of group B of Serie B Female, the direct competitor in the fight to seventh place. The declared goal, by Mr. Mannatrizio, is to live the championship from now on one game at a time and try to climb the rankings as much as possible.

There are six points away from the bells, which in the first part of the season have shown consistency of performance and proudly defended the friendly walls.

The Apulia, however, has all the desire to redeem the 2-1 of the first leg, and in the training week has repeatedly tried again the 3-4-3 put on display in the last three matches, where there were no goals and good game. The doubts of training are dictated by the abundance of choices, with the rose to the full Spallucci and companions have proved to know how to play on par with the other part of the standings.

The only "negative" note is the choice by the competent authorities to have the match played behind closed doors. A decision that will deny the warm embrace of the home crowd to the girls, who will have to show that they can stay focused on their goals for the season and do not surprise their fans at the end of the race, with unexpected results.

Sunday 11 February, 14.30 hours, "Di Liddo" stadium in Bisceglie, Apulia Trani - Naples. RACE AT CLOSED DOORS

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