Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Serie B: goleade and show on the fields of group B

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The first of the class win with superiority, among all a I particularly applaud the leaders Orobica that gets rid of the excellent Milan away with Cristina's quad and Luana's network Merli. Beating this Milan is a sign of great shape and compactness which is answered by Inter, second in the standings at -3, who finds the right determination after the fall against the orobic, and trims 5 networks well to a Padova that nothing can do not applaud the neroazzurre.
Easy the victory of Real Meda on a Caprera (7 to 0) stopped at 0 points in the standings. Three points that allow the team of President Pessotto to bypass the MIlan (1 race to be recovered) and position itself in third place in the standings.

While the Azaleas and Como they divided the stakes, the revenge of the Fiammamonza stops at Marcon where he undergoes a sound lesson. The Fiamma takes the lead with the usual Cambiaghi and when it seems that the match is in the hands of Brianza that the Marcon breaks loose and he scored three times with Zuanti and Zandomenici's double.

With this victory, the team of Mr. Minio takes close to the Fiammamonza and Azaleas and returns to the desperate race to safety.

Closes the day the Sardinian derby with the Torres that sbanca, in comeback, Oristano with 3 nets after having passed at a disadvantage with the penalty made by Maura Mattana for the landlords.

The markers classification see at the command Cambiaghi (Fiammamonza) with 16 networks in front of Anita Coda (Real Meda) with 15, Cristina Merli (Orobica 14 and the couple Ferrato (Padua) De Luca (Azalee) at 12.

The next round sees Real Meda go on the road on Lake Como and Inter on stage at the Sada of Monza with the Orobica stop for the rest while Milan goes into that of Padua to redeem the beating Bergamo.

The other races see, the Torres host the Azaleas, the Riozzese the Oristano and the Caprera the Marcon

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