Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Roma women's football always first in the standings + 7 from Lazio

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Three goals and three points with Virtus Partenope. Roma consolidates the first place in the standings to 7 points from Lazio Women of Lotito second that will come to visit the Giallorossi next week.
Mister Piras has to deal with many absences and also several summoned for the trip bell are not in shape to play. He chooses the best possible training and who takes the field absolutely does not regret the absent giving everything and bringing home a beautiful and deserved victory.

The race begins immediately with Roma in attack and after two actions in which we see Capparelli protagonist, first with a shot towards the opponent's goal diagonally and then with a cross for Conte who heads high over the crossbar, comes the incredible goal of Elena Proietti: ball rejected by the goalkeeper, Weithofer's midfield header, high ball, Proietti on the fly puts under the crossbar from about 35 meters. Deserved Giallorossi advantage.

After the net it is always Roma, the owner of the field, to become dangerous. At the 32 'cross of Monaco and a header from Conte saved by the goalkeeper from Campania. At 40 'great insertion on the right of Capparelli, shot retorted by a defender. Just before the whistle to go to rest, descent and shooting again of Capparelli that hits the crossbar from the 25 meters. The player was also very motivated for the call to the blue stage under 23 that will be held in Coverciano up to 7 February.

On returning to the field for the second half the Virtus Partenope tries a reaction and creates its clearest opportunity to score the game by hitting the inside post. But Rome is not scared and Pedullà (who took over from Conte) immediately appears alone in the area, but the ball ends up in the arms of the goalkeeper. At half hour Pedullà needed a good ball to Visentin that with a left diagonal double the yellow card. Shortly thereafter Pedullà repeats himself passing the ball to Capparelli who sends out. At 38 'another cross struck by the Giallorossi. This time it is Proietti who hits the wood with a fine free kick. Proietti climbs into the chair and first a shot from the edge ends at the side of the door and then scores one of his "eurogoal" with a big left from outside the area. Three to zero for Rome. Shortly before, Vigliucci had also tried it with a shot from outside the area but saved by the goalkeeper from Campania.

"Race between head tail as predicted - at the end of the race Mr. Piras - three goals of excellent workmanship, three crosses, at least other 5 clear scoring opportunities against a single occasion of Virtus Partenope that hits the post making us shiver. summary of a one-way match Virtus Partenope closed in the 25 meters with man-made markings Difficult to overcome their defense, but calmly and also with mastery in their own vehicles, they managed to break up a rearguard that favors a sometimes suffocating mark. We know that those who face us try, as it should be, to put the sticks in the wheel even if he has nothing to ask the championship, I congratulate the girls because of the large turnout in the infirmary.Today we had five 2000 in the field and a 2001 who have done an excellent performance. "
After the race a "good" to the two teams for a commendable third time. This is football that appeals to female Roma.
14 wins on 15 races, 57 goals scored and only 6 conceded are important numbers, but now we will have to concentrate strongly on the next race. It will be a more compelling and important derby of the others because the biancocelesti, second, will do everything to stop the leaders.

Here is the training: Casaroli, Capparelli, Sclavo (13 'sec.t. Vigliucci) Cacchioni, Morra, Berarducci, Monaco, Count (7' sec Pedullà), Weithofer (21 'sec.t Tumbarello) Proietti and Visentin .
Available: Felicella, Lorè, Pedullà, Tumbarello, Capitta, Cortelli and Vigliucci.

Photo Grazia Menna

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