Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Latina fatal defeat at home against Roma XIV

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Ietto brings blackazzurre to the advantage, recovered by forgetting with a comeback from Roma XIV
The challenge played at the Stadio Francioni of Latina between the local team neroazzurra and Roma XIV was fatal to the girls of Mr. Luigi Colantuono. The defeat at the home of Latina by the Roman team could be fatal for Group D of the Serie B women's championship. A calendar that has proposed for the direct clashes in the early days and precisely for the blackazzurre Chieti, Rome and Rome XIV, then at the fourth the Salento Roma and at the fifth the Lazio Women.

A Latina that has finished the first leg in third place, and now after the three return races is in a difficult moment. The Chieti has been defeated in both races: the away leg with the score of 1-0 and at home with the score of 4-1 and thus obtained the maximum points available 6, Rome instead defeated the girls neroazzurre in both races and here is the comparison with Roma XIV. A comparison that bodes well for the draw achieved by the blacksmiths away in the first leg and the victory on penalties always away in the Italian Cup. The results of the comparisons are therefore favorable to Latina.

Stadio Francioni with a large audience present considering a women's football match, the start ceremony with the minute of silence in memory of CT Azeglio Vicini. The Latina begins to beat and at 5 'takes the lead with Ietto who dribbles two defenders into the area, avoids the goalkeeper and deposits on the net. Sophie Williams has several chances to score including a striking one on a free kick with the number one of Roma XIV to fly at half low and slash the ball to the side. A first time that closes with the measurement advantage of the Latina.

It is the eighth minute and Forgnone gets the draw by escaping the Latina defensive line. And after a few minutes Nicosia Vinci expelled from Rome XIV. The Latina can not fully exploit the numerical advantage, errors in the offensive phase, Ietto and Williams can not get the ball into the net and then the cold shower the goal of the 2-1 made by those who celebrate the birthday: Simeone Valentina.

Another defensive mistake and heavy goal, fatal to the Latina that falls in the standings, Chieti and Grifone Gialloverde paired in third place then tussle with Latina and Rome XIV and Naples, which is approaching five formations to contend a valuable third place.

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