Tuesday, June 02 2020
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The Florentia is not wrong and puts the 18esimo consecutive useful result

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The Florentine beat Ligorna home for 3 - 1.
In the first half the rossobianche take the lead with the double of Nocchi, top scorer of the championship, in the second half the guests grow, shorten the distances, but in the end the seal of Pompignoli closes the meeting on the final 3 - 1.
In the first half Florentia immediately started strong and is a real siege to the Gialloblu area. After not even a minute there are three goal chances: the first one on Lotti's foot, which keeps the ball from outside, kick with his right foot to shoot on the far post, but does not frame the goal; a few seconds later Vicchiarello tries from distance and the goalkeeper deflects in corner, on the corner here is the third chance, this time with Tona, and it is miraculous Denevi in ​​the rescue.

Great pace in the field and also the Ligorna has an important chance with Traverso who is alone and in good position to beat Leoni, but his shot is central and is ready for the n. RED-WHITE 16. At the 6 'Florentia still forward, the Swedish Hjohlman, the first from the holder, enters the area on the left, serves in the middle for Nocchi that is anticipated in the corner. On the developments of the corner, beaten short, it is still Nocchi has shelled in the area and worried Denevi. The rossobianco siege is realized at the 16 'thanks to Isotta Nocchi: Tona's long launch to bypass the defense, right-hand stop and round shot under the cross of the rossobianca bomber, which celebrates the second call for the U23 National rally . A minute later the red-gold n.21 could concede the encore, but his shot touched the post, as well as the conclusion of Hjohlman at the 19 '. After a small defensive carelessness, on which Ceci and Leoni put a piece, Florentia doubles to 25 ': Hjohlman enters the area from the left, skips a defender and serves Nocchi, who without thinking twice, unloads the right into the goal and strikes Denevi for the 2 - 0. It could be the prelude to a goleada, but something in the perfect mechanism of the Florentia jamming and the rossobianche struggling to find other spaces to stretch further. Vicchiarello at 45 'has a great opportunity to play, but his punishment on the near post is not strong enough to beat Denevi who deflects in the corner and sends the teams into the locker room.

In the second half Ligorna, after suffering for the entire first half, entered the field with more conviction and the 50 'Fallico could shorten the distance, his shot ends up above the crossbar. On the next action Hjohlman would like to score the first goal in Italy, shoots on the offside line, bypasses the goalkeeper with a shot below, but his header to follow is too slow and the defense of Ligorna is able to recover. The rossobianche try from the right first with the insidious shot-cross of Aliaj, then with the disruptive action of Hjohlman who enters the area and still serves Nocchi that is anticipated at the time of shooting. The Florentia does not close it and Ligorna takes courage, at the 72 'the first mistake of the season of Michela Rodella launches Bettalli alone in front of Leoni, the n.10 gialloblu is not wrong and shortens the distances. The Florentia accuses the blow, but tries to react immediately with Aliaj and Hjohlman, both very good in the preparation of the shot, but not very precise in the conclusion. The guests look forward with Fracas, the young azurine is not in the day and her outdoor shot goes out, controlled by Ilaria Leoni. The rossobianche try a last forcing to secure the result and their efforts are rewarded at 91 ': beat and beat in the area with Pompignoli, substituted by Gnisci a few minutes and still decisive, which rightly bags the 3 - 1. The Ligorna tries a last offensive sortie, but Ceci and Leoni are a good guard and comes the triple whistle of the Race Director, Mr. Bocchini from Rome.

The Florentia is the only team still unbeaten in the entire Serie B and continues to lead Group A with 48 points, 6 more than the winning tool in Perugia, and 11 more than Lavagnese and Novese who won respectively against Torino and Musiello Saluzzo, while the Juventus Femminile still stops in the mud of Lucca.

"I'm happy with this victory" commented Mister Lelli "Another three important points in the championship before two long and tiring trips to Piedmont. Even against Ligorna we could close the game already in the first half and better manage the ball possession in the second half. These are two aspects on which I will have to concentrate a lot on training because being able to better finalize all the actions we create will be fundamental for our future journey and let's not forget that we can and must always improve! I would like to close by congratulating Ginevra Valgimigli; I do not like talking about singles, but after many games in which she played little, she started playing as a central defensive player, a very delicate and not her role, and she played an excellent match, even on a mental level. I wanted to congratulate you for the spirit that transmits both in the field and in training: always smiling and positive, is the example of the team spirit that I see in all the girls of Florentia and that a coach would always see: sacrifice, collaboration, passion and fun! "

CF Florentia: Leoni, Valgimigli G., Tona, Aliaj, Rodella, Ceci, Lotti, Vicchiarello, Gnisci (80 'Pompignoli), Nocchi (69' Roche), Hjohlman
All. Lelli

Ligorna: Denevi, Cama, Casciani, Bettalli, Fossati (76 'Brero), Napello, Malatesta (88' Simosis), Fracas, Traverso, Fallico, Campora (57 'Favali)
All. Lo Bartolo

Table: 16 'Nocchi, 25' Nocchi, 72 'Bettalli, 91' Pompignoli

Race Director Mr. Bocchini (Rome)
First Assistant Mr. Gaspari (Lucca)
Second Assistant Mr. Rudaj (Pistoia)

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