Friday, November 15 2019
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Castelvecchio, equal with regret at Mozzecane

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Very important race today between the second Castelvecchio and the third of the class Mozzecane to keep those points away from the fourth in the standings, which would allow next year to the first three a certain place in the single group "National Series B", with the first classified to play the series A.
In the first 10 minutes is the Castelvecchio to have the supremacy and becomes dangerous to 3 'with Carlini on free kick from the right and Bonfante anticipates a blow the header of Pastore; 6 'beautiful action in depth of Casadei that phrases with Petralia and his shot is saved a few meters from the goal line always from Bonfante.

A minute later he shows the home team with a counter-attack but Beleffi is careful and covers well.
Romagna action on the right at the 10 'which leads to the shot Nagni low shot from 25 meters to Olivieri.
The Venetian team plays on the counterattack and the 12 'on the launch of Caneo and Martani kicking from the edge but the ball ends up on the side.
Still two minutes later, with a cross from Martani, a ball from Peretti who shoots out of the pot; 16 'beat and retaled in the yellow-green area with a final shot of Carraro parade by Pacini that does not hold, Beleffi sweeps in the corner.
Launch in depth of Deidda at the 22 'for Casadei that sure shot is prepared Olivieri and on the rejected does not arrive in time Zani.
27 'forward the Mozzecane with Welbeck launch for Gelmetti volley the ball ends high.
Fortitudo forward to the 31 'always counterattack with Peretti's flight in the area the ball above the crossbar.
Striking Deidda at 27 'steals ball in midfield assist for Zani, it enters the area and drinks the defender kicks and still finds Olivieri ready.
39 'almost goal for the girls yellow-green, cross from the left of Beleffi pounced on the ball Petralia that only tows and kicks without a shot but to the goalkeeper beaten and defender Caliari who saves on the line.
The first half ends 0-0.

He resumed the race with a punishment always beaten by Carlini at the 47 'parade on the ground by Olivieri.
49 'yet another counterattack of Fortitudo with a dangerous shot diagonally from inside the area of ​​Gelmetti that does not frame the door.
55 'Opportunity for Pastor, receives from the right with a cross from Casadei, but kicks high.
Mister Varchetta's team insists; 57 'action on the left of Amaduzzi A. crosses the first post for Petralia missing the door.
Action Fortitudo two minutes later, Peretti's free kick from 20 meters, high.
Beautiful race fought on all the balls between two teams that do not spare.
63 'Nagni free kick, the ball ends weakly in the hands of the Venetian goalkeeper.
65 'amazing action of Castelvecchio all in speed; exchange Petralia Rossi assists for Beleffi from the right side kicks to the side.
Advantage of Romagnolo at 72 '; great shot from the edge of Nagni on Deidda's drain and this time Olvieri goalkeeper Veneto is not exactly perfect and the ball ends up in the net.
The yellow-black advantage lasted eight minutes because at the 79 'on a free kick from Salaorni from midfield, the defense from Romagna remained stopped because nobody touched the ball thinking that the other intervened and the ball ends in the net, total hoax.
The Mozzecane pushes and at the 90 'always Salaorni twenty meters try to worry Pacini but the ball ends out.
Very occasional 94 'minute for Castelvecchio; launch in the area of ​​Comandini for Rossi who jumps the goalkeeper and from the right kicks out to the empty goal, incredible misfortune.
1 ends in 1 a hard fought race, where in the end the result can also be right with some regrets from the Romagna side.
Gialloverdi who are only three points behind the leaders San Bonifacio who today for the first time in this championship was defeated x 3 at 2 in San Marino.

Marker: 71 'Nagni (C), 79' Salaorni (F) .-
Referee Mr DAMIANI of Sondrio
Assistants Lords Colacione and Montemezzi di Legnago
Ammonites: Calia (C) .-

Olivieri, Bonfante (78 'Rotondo), Welbeck (83' Bottigliero S.), Caneo, Caliari, Marconi (60 'Salaorni), Martani, Pecchini (67' Mele C.), Peretti, Carraro (46 'Signori), Gelmetti .
Perina, Boni available

Pacini, Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M. (85 'Guiducci), Nagni, Carlini, Beleffi, Zani (60' Rossi), Deidda (85 'Comandini), Pastor, Casadei (72' Calia), Petralia.
Montanari, Carfagna is available.
Coach Flavio VARCHETTA

San Zeno di Mozzecane (Verona) 04 February 2018
Franco Scolozzi Football Press Officer

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