Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Lazio Women gets rid of Chieti and points Rome

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In the big-match of "Melli", the Lazio Women di Tesse inanella the eleventh consecutive useful result sweeping away also the quoted Chieti di Di Camillo with a net 3-1, extending to + 7 right on the Abruzzesi and thus consolidating the second place to 35 points.
The tris home brings the signatures of Colini, Coletta and Pezzotti, for the guests is Giulia Di Camillo to enter the table.

In the other cartel challenge, that is between Latina and Rome Decimoquarto, to check it out are the girls of Gagliardi who, in comeback, storm the difficult field of "Francioni" (1-2) by virtue of Forgnone and Simeone networks, after the initial advantage of Ietto, allowing the Decimoquarto to hook to the fifth place just the Latina to share 27 and to assert team away with five successes outside the walls friendly.

As forecasts, the Roma Calcio Femminile walks on the Virtus Partenope to the "Purse" of Volla (0-3): all too easy for the eleven Piras who travels at full sail at the lead of the group with the twins of the goal Proietti (double and 16 ° marking for the queen of the group D) and Visentin (15 ° seal).

External col also for the Grifone Gialloverde who takes refuge, the comeback, the "Torre del Grifo" of Catania, outclassing the opponent with an 2-5: fourth place (matching the Chieti to 28) and fifth consecutive useful result for the team of the Guardia di Finance that sinks the Sicilian Scuto (second consecutive defeat): on the shields a fantastic hat trick of Ilenia Rossi that responds to the double of Di Mauro.

He also smiles the Napoli Femminile which at the "Simpatia" very easily liquidates the Feminine Nebrodi practice already in the first half with the networks of Sibilio (2 ° rete) and Massa (2 ° marking); in the second half, Simona Beato (1 ° seasonal goal) also finishes on the scorer's table. Third consecutive success for the Marino technician, the first one, at home, of his management, with the Neapolitans leading to -5 from third place, finding the three points at home that were missing from November 5.

Finally, external victory of Apulia Trani of Mannatrizio (1-2) on the field of Real Colombo (in the network with Olivares): in the first fraction, Borg and Sgaramella launch the Pugliesi (second consecutive success) to share 17 pairing Salento Women Soccer who observed the rest shift.

Maurizio Stabile

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Maurizio Stabile
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