Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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Finally Vicenza! Calandra and Fortuna in goal and Pescara beaten 2-0

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After the victory of the Primavera, also the First Team wants to say its and imposes itself with a net 2-0 against the Pescara.
Performance never questioned by the Vicenza that directs the game for all 90 'leaving only the crumbs to the opponents. The goals come on two big shots from the outside, the first of Calandra at 61 'and the second at 95' Fortuna, both at their first goal of the season.

Vicenza immediately strong and begins to make the Pescara sweat cold after just 3 minutes: from the developments of a corner kick, the ball is rebounded towards the edge of the area where it is collected by
Missiaggia who holds her up and shoots in reverse, missing the mirror of the door a little.

Just two minutes pass and the Biancorosse are found dangerous from the parts of Cilli: Bettinardi retrieves a ball flying at the limit and kick low shot with the left-handed, but the ball touches the post to the right of the goalkeeper.

The Pescara faces from the parts of Dalla Via only to the 22 'with Paolini that is launched in speed in the band but from the limit kicks off.

The last chance of the first half is Rigon who, launched by Maddalena, tries on the fly but fails to worry Cilli.

The first 45 'end with the result of 0-0: fair draw, but better Biancorosse who have left little or nothing to Pescara. If Biancorossa domination had already occurred in the first half, it became even more evident and complete in the second half.

Key occasion already at 58 'with Bettinardi pushing the net of Fortuna on the net, but the referee cancels for offside.

Two minutes later, instead, the n.10 tries to give Vicenza the advantage: Fortuna sees Cilli slightly out of the posts and tries to punish her from the distance, but the ball goes off very little on the bottom.

The game finally unlocks at 61 ': Calandra, entered by even 10', receives on the right, does not think twice and from the top of the penalty area starts a shot with an amazing parable that does not escape to Cilli and you bags on the net; 1-0.

The Pescara tries to break the siege of the Biancorosse at 63 ', but Eugeni's shot ends his docile race in the arms of Dalla Via.

At the 68 'there were occasional opportunities for Vicenza: after a corner kick, in a penalty area at the first post where Calandra tried to push the ball into the net, but a defender
rejects on the line and deflects for a corner.

Maddalena comes back to the line: ball in the middle with Ferrati kicking in goal, finds a deflection and the rejected goalkeeper; Missiaggia tries but his conclusion is repeated and finally Roberta Pomi from a few steps can not frame the door.

Again and only Vicenza forward at 76 'with Silvia Pomi who steals ball at the last defender, he skips another arrived in the cover but the ball lengthens too much and makes it easier to take Cilli out.

A few minutes later, Roberta Pomi's serpentine, who cuts across the pitch, serves Rigon backwards, kicking at the near post but after deflecting a defender the ball comes into the goalkeeper's arms.

Despite the many occasions, Vicenza can not close the game and at the 92 'risk of insult: Santirocco tip Missiaggia and kicks in goal, but Dalla Via is careful and rejects diving; it is the only dangerous occasion of Pescara.

Before the final whistle, however, the Biancorosse definitively close the accounts with Fortuna: this time the shot from distance is calibrated to perfection and bagged leaving no way out to Cilli slightly moved forward.

At the triple whistle the well-deserved party of the girls take their first home win with a clear 2-0 and rise to 11 points.
3 are very important points arrived after a game from start to finish leaving little space to Pescara, which sees stop here in Vicenza the strip 4 useful results

It is the right charge of morale that served the team of Mister Dori who begins to see more and more the results of good work in recent months. Now head to next Sunday with the trip not easy against the Unterland Damen. We believe in it, let us still dream!


Vicenza Women's Football - La Saponeria Pescara 2-0
Marking machines: 61 'Calandra and 95' Fortuna (V)

Vicenza Women's Football (3-4-3)

From the Street; Calderaro, Missiaggia (C), Pegoraro; Ferrati, Maddalena, Fortuna, Pomi R (94 'Balestro) .; Rigon, Novello (53 'Calandra), Bettinardi (67' Pomi S.)

All. Dori Cristian

La Saponeria Pescara (4-5-1)

Cilli; Amicucci, Giuliani (C), Cicala, De Leonardis (64 'Vizzarri); Paolini, Copia, Mari, Eugeni (65 'Santirocco), Lazzari; Cialfi
Available: Dilettuso, Maiorano, Astolfi

All. Of Giovanni Mario

Referee: Fera Davide (Gallarate)

Assistants: Matteo Porceddu (Vicenza)

Ammonite: Giuliani and Cialfi (P)

Recovery: 0 '; 5 '

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

Author: draftingEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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