From Giulia, a workaholic to the double-barreled by Alice: here is the Fortitude of the records

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Personal records abound. The Fortitudo Mozzecane travels to the sound of records. From Giulia Caliari the workaholic to the repeated goals of Alice Martani, from the 100 presences of captain Francesca Salaorni to the exploit of the very young Chiara Mele and Sara Bottigliero, from the constant determination of Francesca Signori to the «rebirth» of Desirè Marconi, from the unbeaten Francesca Olivieri and Vanessa Venturini on the return of Italy by Martina Gelmetti. After 18 days of the B series 2017 / 18, here are all the records of the girls trained by Simone Bragantini: the data, we specify, refer exclusively to the career of the Gialloblù in the league.

FRANCESCA AND VANESSA, RECORD BETWEEN THE PALI. The door of Fortitudo Mozzecane is divided, like personal records. Despite the recent knockout in the derby against the Pro San Bonifacio (3-0), Vanessa Venturini has set her own record of consecutive minutes without suffering career networks, now risen to 272 minutes and interrupted only by the 1-0 of Ilaria Rigon. The Gialloblù goalkeeper remained undefeated against Clarentia Trento (15ª day) and Brixen (14ª day), taking in the last goal against Riccione at home (11ª day). From here, another record goes off: for the first time in her career, Vanessa has not been beaten for two days in a row. A clarification: the statistics take into account the actual games played by the two extreme defenders of the Mozzecane.

Francesca Olivieriinstead, he recorded the best start in a championship: never, after the first ten races disputed, the number 1 gialloblù had undergone so few networks, 7. In the four previous series B tournaments (all with Fortitudo) Olivieri, at the end of the 10ª presence, had collected 17 markings (2016 / 17), 19 (2015 / 16) and 13 (2014 / 15, in which however the total attendance they were eight). Not only that: Francesca has also set the record of home matches ended by undefeated in a single championship (3), managing to keep the inviolate door against Pro San Bonifacio and Vicenza in the first leg, and Bologna 1909 on the return.

SALAORNI CAPITAN 100 PRESENCES. The 100 knitting appearances Fortitudo has reached them with the captain's armband. A pride for Francesca Salaorni, twenty-three years of which fourteen spent to command the defense of Gialloblù, from youth to the first team. The three-figure milestone, we remember, the central left-handed player cut him to the 11 day at home against the Riccione entering even more in the history of the company of Mozzecane.

Now Francesca is at 106 attendance, divided between the 11 in Serie A and the 95 in the second level of Italian women's football (10 in the former A2 series and 85 in today's B series).

GIULIA THE STAGANOVIST. When you read the formation of Fortitudo, its name is always there, or almost. Giulia Caliari is a true workaholic of the ball, as well as being another Gialloblù flag. For the second consecutive championship, the Verona defender is the athlete of the Mozzecane to have played more minutes after 18 days (1.516 minutes in 2017 / 18) and having played multiple games in full (15). In addition, Giulia is the gialloblù with over 1.000 minutes on the legs to have never been replaced.

On the other hand, the colors of Fortitudo have them in the blood. Caliari has in fact reached the 100 presences at the 1 day, at home, against Vittorio Veneto (now at 116), and the 100 presences for the holder (today 109) and the 100 presences in the second level of Italian women's football (now 111 ) at the 5 day against Pordenone, always in the friendly walls.

PECCHINI, TWO FILO GOLS. For two consecutive games he had never scored. Alessia Pecchini succeeded in this championship, who returned to the goal after six seasons (she did not enter the scoring table from the A2 2011 / 12 series) and helped to give precious points to Fortitudo. The winning header against the Women Soccer Castelnuovo (10ª day) and especially the right, in the area, at 92 'against Riccione (11ª) have made the yellow-defender rejoice, allowing him to try again the thrill and the emotion of the goal, and to sign the seventh and the eighth career network with Fortitudo.

DESIRÈ, THE «REBIRTH» AFTER THE INCUBE. The nightmare is over a group ago. Just against the Castelvecchio, next opponent on the road of the girls of Simone Bragantini. In the afternoon of 8 2017 October, Desirè Marconi has re-embraced his "soccer", his "friend" ball, after several knee problems had blown up the last two years of his career. The Gialloblù defender is "reborn", sportingly speaking, at the municipal stadium of Savignano sul Rubicone, entering the second half and setting foot in the field at a distance of 883 days. The last game played by Marconi with a first team went back to 9 in May 2015, when his Agsm Verona beat the San Zaccaria graduating champion of Italy.

With Fortitudo Marconi has thus found herself, debuted in Serie B and collected so far 13 presences, of which 6 as owner.

MALVEZZI AND BONFANTE, 10 GARE GIALLOBLÙ. They celebrated both the first ten races in the Gialloblù jersey and, consequently, in Serie B. Letizia Malvezzi and Lucia Bonfante had tasted the cadet category in the last season and in this championship, some more or less, they are getting to know it more closely. The two 2001 class defenders have established the record of matches played in a single league: Letizia played the 10ª race in B just last Sunday against Pro San Bonifacio, arriving to six appearances in 2017 / 18 and exceeding 4 2016 / 17; on the other hand, Lucia had already beaten the number of matches of the last championship (one) at the 3 day, in the first leg derby with the Pro Sambo and reached the double figure in early January in the last round of the first round against the Clarentia Trento. But unlike Malvezzi, only in this tournament did Bonfante feel the joy of the first match in Serie B, ie two weeks ago at home against Bologna 1909 (Letizia started from the beginning in 2016 / 17 the first leg against Unterland Damen). Between the two, however, there is another analogy: for both, the debut as a career holder coincided with the first race played in full.

CHIARA AND SARA, FIRST TIMES IN BRACCETTO. Same year of birth (2002), same province of belonging (Mantova), same exploit. The first few times by Chiara Mele and Sara Bottigliero go hand in hand. In this championship, the left-handed defender and the offensive midfielder have collected together the debut, the debut as the owner and the number one goal in Serie B. Chiara was immediately employed, at the 1ª day against Vittorio Veneto, and signed the his first goal at the 14 day at home against Brixen, while Sara took everything in one go: debut and goal at the fifth race, in Mozzecane, against Riccione. The only numerical differences between the two are recorded in the presences and minutes: Mele has played 15 meetings so far for a total of 676 minutes, Bottigliero 10 challenges and 305 minutes.

LORDS NEVER SO THIS. The best career championship. The statistics say it, testifies to the determination that every Sunday you put in the middle of the field. With the Fortitudo Mozzecane, Francesca Signori had never found so much continuity (also because of a knee injury that held her in the pits several months between the 2016 and the 217): the midfielder set the match record in a single tournament with the Gialloblù jersey (now it is at 17 share) and the record of career race competitions in a single vintage (17). This means that when he goes down the field, Francesca always starts from the beginning. And if that was not enough, Gentlemen cut the 50 presences with the Mozzecane at the 17 day, at home against Bologna 1909.

ALICE A RITMO DI GOL. Record of doublets, first hat-trick, a hunger for goals that is taking Fortitudo's hand. Alice Martani «dances» to the rhythm of networks and does not want to stop. After the 12 scores recorded in the 2016 / 17, in his debut season in Serie B, the Brescia forward has already improved his score, scoring 14 goals in 18 days (top scorer Gialloblù). Not only that: Alice has recorded the record of doubles made in a single league (4 so far against 2 2016 / 17, all away), has signed the first hat-trick in B, at home against Bologna 1909, is the athlete of Fortitudo to be taken to the field in every challenge and it is the gialloblù (together with the department colleague Rachele Peretti) to have scored in more matches, eight. A curiosity: for the second season in a row, Martani went in goal in the last game of the calendar year and in the first of the new one. It happened against Riozzese and Südtirol Damen between 2016 and 2017, and it happened again against Brixen and Clarentia Trento between 2017 and 2018. In addition, in this league every time Alice scores, the Mozzecane wins the three points.

GELMETTI, WELCOME IN SERIES B. He discovered the B series a few months ago, after five years of Serie A (and a Scudetto) with Agsm Verona and two seasons in the top Swiss category with Lugano and Neunkirch. Martina Gelmetti immediately became a fixed point on the chessboard of Bragantini, debuting from the beginning to the 1ª day with Vittorio Veneto and coming to be, at the end of the 18ª day, in second place in the ranking of Gialloblù minutages (1.496 minutes played). The record of the Verona striker, however, is recorded in particular at the level of markings: Martina has made the first goal in B away against Jesina, churning out goals in repetition even in the next five matches in which he played. This represents a record for Gelmetti, who had never scored for six races in a row. In addition, thanks to the doublets (among other things consecutive) put on the scores against the first leg against Imolese and Brixen, the Gialloblù point equaled the number of doubles scored in a single championship. Last note: as in the case of Martani, when Gelmetti goes in goal the Fortitudo wins.

THE FASTEST NETWORK? OF CAROLINA. Whose yellowblue network is faster? Of Carolina Rotondo, the last arrived in Mozzecane. The statistic involves both the owners and the players entering the recovery, and refers to the marking made in the shortest possible time from their entry into the field. Against Imola, at the Galli stadium, the Fortitudo striker descends to the 76 'ground, instead of Peretti, and takes 97 seconds to score the first yellow-blue jersey seal. For the record, the 89 'Carolina will still hit a two-sided signing on the day of his debut with the Mozzecane and his former team.

A HEAD RECORD FOR SIX. Final burst of record. Because in these 18 championship days almost all the girls of Bragantini have at least scored a personal best: Zoe Caneo reached 4ª day against Castelvecchio the 100ª presence with Fortitudo in the second level of Italian women's football between former A2 and today's B ( today 112), Nana Welbeck cut the 10ª day against Women Soccer Castelnuovo the 50 appearances from owner in yellowblue jersey (today 58), with the goal scored in Vicenza at 9ª day Silvia Carraro realizes at least one 14 network consecutive championships to which participated (today the scoring of the midfielder are 2), Elisa Fasoli began the first two matches of the tournament by the holder (on the contrary, in the last season of debut in B had taken the field at the 2ª day, for more in the second half), Angela Mele debuted in Serie B at the 1ª day with Vittorio Veneto, at 15 years and 237 days, and now counts 3 presences. Finally, Chiara Tinelli exceeded the number of matches played in only one Serie B championship: she had played a race in the 2015 / 16 and in this 2017 / 18 took to the field three times.

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